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Maryland: Senate Approves Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research

Maryland: Senate Approves Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research

Name: Humane Adoption of Companion Animals Used in Research Act of 2018

Bill Number: HB 732/SB 675

Great news! The Senate has approved SB 675, which would ensure that healthy cats and dogs have the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes after being used for research, testing or educational purposes, instead of being euthanized. This bill would require a research facility that uses cats and dogs for scientific research to take steps to provide for the adoption of the dog or cat that is no longer used for that purpose.

A research facility would be able to utilize a private placement process or enter into an agreement with an animal rescue organization to arrange for an adoption.

The Senate approved this bill unanimously, but only after removing a provision that required research institutions to report annually on their use of dogs and cats for research.

The House Appropriations Committee held a hearing on March 13, 2018 on HB 732, but it is now considering two versions of the bill—the House bill, which includes the reporting language, and the Senate version, which omits that language.

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Please give cats and dogs no longer needed for research a chance to live in a loving home

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask for your support of legislation to make healthy dogs and cats available for adoption once they are no longer used by a research facility.

While two different versions of this bill, SB 675 and HB 732, are under consideration, I would urge you to support either version of this legislation, which would require research facilities in Maryland to take reasonable steps to provide for the adoption of their dogs and cats through an animal rescue organization before considering euthanasia. The reporting requirement for research facilities to account for how they are using dogs and cats for research (which is omitted from the Senate bill) would help the legislature and the public hold research facilities accountable for their animal use. But the key is to give dogs and cats a chance to be placed in loving homes.

The Senate has already given their unanimous approval to this measure, and I hope that you will give it your full support as well.

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