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New York: Ban Vivisection in College Classrooms

New York: Ban Vivisection in College Classrooms 

Name: Prohibiting Vivisection at Colleges and Universities 

Bill Number: A 552

New York continues to lead the way in promoting innovative, humane classroom education. This bill would prohibit vivisection in institutions of higher education, including colleges, universities and other professional or graduate schools throughout the state. This would include experimenting on a living organism or performing surgery on a living organism to view its internal structure when a scientifically and educationally satisfactory teaching method exists.


Call to Actions:

  1. Please contact your New York state Assemblyperson and urge them to support this important piece of legislation.
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Please Support the Use of 21st Century Scientific Teaching Methods in New York Schools

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to support A 552, which will prohibit vivisection on live animals in colleges and universities when a scientifically and educationally satisfactory teaching method exists. Hundreds of live animals are used in higher education where non-animal teaching methods are already available and in use.

There are many excellent educational alternatives to vivisection available, some even offered at little or no cost. These include computer programs, models, and human simulators that can teach the same material without harming animals--and without making students choose between the study of science and their moral objection to killing animals for education.

This bill requires that these non-animal methods be used only when they can accomplish the goal of the course material, so there is no disadvantage to the students. There is also a strong financial incentive to develop and integrate these materials into the curriculum as schools would save money in lieu of purchasing live animals for each class year after year.

Please give your support to the passage of A 552.

Thank you for your consideration.

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