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New Jersey: Animal Abuser Registration Act Proposed

New Jersey: Animal Abuser Registration Act Proposed

Name: New Jersey Animal Abuser Registry Act

Bill Number: A1291/S 213; A 3421/S2295

A statewide animal abuser registry is a crucial tool to help law enforcement, shelters and adoption centers keep track of convicted abusers and prevent animals from falling into the hands of convicted abusers. This session, New Jersey legislators introduced multiple bills to establish such a registry.

A 1291/S 213 would require the Attorney General to maintain a list of convicted animal abusers; abusers would remain on the list for a minimum of 15 years. The registry would be available to the public and may be used by an animal shelter, rescue, or animal control group to screen applicants for employment or for pet adoption.

A 3421/S 2295 would instead create an animal abuser registry to be used primarily to bar registrants from employment as animal control officers.

A 3421 passed the Assembly 1/23/17; Under consideration by Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee

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Please support the establishment of an animal abuser registry in New Jersey

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask for your support for the establishment of a statewide animal abuser registry in New Jersey. The New Jersey Animal Abuser Registry Act would establish a publicly accessible list of individuals convicted of animal cruelty, aggravated cruelty or animal torture.

The purpose for establishing an animal abuser registry is to provide a resource for police, shelters and adoption centers to help identify convicted animal abusers who are involved in new allegations of abuse or who are trying to adopt an animal who may be put in harm's way. Access to this information is crucial in keeping companion animals out of the hands of convicted abusers.

While the multiple bills introduced this year differ in some respects--such as the basis for collecting fees and who has access to the information in the registry--it is clear that there is widespread interest in establishing an animal abuser registry in New Jersey in order to better protect our animals and to reduce the likelihood of convicted animal abusers victimizing animals in the future.

Please help protect our animals from harm by supporting the establishment of a database of convicted animal abusers that addresses the needs of the public, animal shelters and pet owners.

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