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End the Use of Indiscriminate Wildlife Traps in the U.S.

End the Use of Indiscriminate Wildlife Traps in the U.S.

Name: Public Safety and Wildlife Protection Act

Bill Number: HR 1629

Steel-jaw leg hold traps are spring-powered devices with one or two opposing steel jaws that are designed to capture an animal by snapping closed upon the animal’s limb or foot. Conibear traps consist of two metal frames hinged at the center point and are powered by torsion springs to create a scissor-like action designed to kill an animal by snapping its spinal column. Both are indiscriminate trapping devices that inflict pain and suffering on wildlife, pets and even humans caught in their jaws. The Public Safety and Wildlife Protection Act would reduce the risks to public safety, and ensure the safety of wildlife and companion animals from indiscriminate trapping, by prohibiting the import and export of these traps in interstate commerce. It would also make it unlawful to sell, receive, acquire or purchase any trap that was transported in interstate commerce. 


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Please End to the Import and Export of Cruel and Dangerous Traps

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask your support for HR1629, which would ensure public safety, as well as protect wild animals and pets from the dangers of steel-jaw leg hold traps and Conibear traps. These traps are inhumane and indiscriminative towards what type of animal they catch. The animals trapped by these devices sustain severe injuries and can suffer trauma, dehydration, and predation by other animals before they succumb to their injuries or are released.

Steel-jaw leg hold and Conibear traps can capture almost any animal--or human--that triggers them, including a beloved pet or child. Even when an animal is released from the traps, the injuries caused by the traps could prove fatal. This measure would phase out the use of these traps by making the sale unlawful in interstate commerce.

Trapping regulations vary widely from state to state and are generally poorly enforced. This measure would ensure that the use of these traps and they danger the pose will diminish as old traps are no longer useable and new traps are no longer available.

I hope you will give your full support to the passage of this measure before the end of the current legislative session. Thank you.

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