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End the Use of Traps in the National Wildlife Refuge System

End the Use of Traps in the National Wildlife Refuge System

Name: Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act

Bill Number: HR 1438

The National Wildlife Refuge System encompasses an incredible collection of habitats that are home to many endangered species, from lynx and wolves to a host of rare plants. Although these refuges should be a safe haven for animals, body-gripping traps are still allowed in many federally-protected lands, threatening not only wild animals, but also visitors and their companion animals. A body-gripping trap slams shut with bone-crushing force and fatally tightens around an animal’s body, causing extended excruciating pain and suffering before the animal succumbs to its injuries. These traps they don’t discriminate as to what type of animal they catch. The Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act is one of many strategies being used to help preserve the nation’s wildlife and endangered species.


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Please Support a Ban on Body-Gripping Traps in National Wildlife Refuges

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask your support for legislation, HR1438, that would ensure the safety of wildlife in the National Wildlife Refuge System by banning cruel body-gripping traps. Each year, thousands of bobcats, otters, foxes, beavers and other wild animals are trapped in inhumane body-gripping traps within national wildlife refuges, where they endure hours or even days of excruciating pain before dying. The traps not only endanger wild animals, but also the millions of visitors who enjoy our nation's refuges.

These visitors include countless children and many companion animals who may wander off designated paths into a zone of danger. Allowing the use of indiscriminate body-gripping traps is not worth even one accident to a child or someone's beloved dog, nor to endangered species that could be inadvertently caught in a trap. It is time to ensure that each National Wildlife Refuge is truly a safe place for people and all the creatures who call it home.

I hope you will give your full support to the passage of this measure before the end of the current legislative session. Thank you.

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