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New York: Informing Victims of Domestic Violence about Protective Orders and Resources

New York: Informing Victims of Domestic Violence about Protective Orders and Resources

Name: Notification of Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence

Bill Number: AB 5921

In domestic abuse situations, abusers often harm or threaten to harm companion animals as leverage against their victims. When polled, 71% of women in battered women’s shelters report that their abusers harmed, killed or threatened their family’s companion animal. AB 5921 would require police investigating allegations of domestic abuse to advise victims in writing of the availability of resources, including information on a domestic violence hotline, legal options and remedies, and orders of protection that include children and companion animals. 

Call to Action: 

  1. Please contact your state Assemblyperson and urge them to support this legislation.


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Help Victims of Abuse and Their Companion Animals

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to request your support for AB 5921, which would increase awareness of the availability of protective orders by requiring police responding to calls of domestic disputes to provide victims of abuse with information about available resources and legal options.

Companion animals and humans are vulnerable to domestic abuse. In response to a poll, 71% of women in battered women's shelters reported that their abuser harmed, killed or threatened their family's companion animal. Victims often delay their departure from an abusive home when their abuser harms--or threatens to harm--their pets in retaliation for their leaving.

Please give your support to legislation that would help increase awareness of the tools victims of abuse have available to help them leave their situation and seek assistance for themselves, their children and their companion animals. Thank you.

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