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Washington: Animal Abuse Registry Act Proposed

Washington: Animal Abuse Registry Act Proposed

Name: Washington Animal Abuse Registry

Bill Number: SB 5804

A statewide animal abuse registry is a crucial tool to help law enforcement, shelters and adoption centers keep track of convicted abusers and prevent them from obtaining future companion animals. SB 5804 would require the Washington state patrol to keep a registry of convicted animal abusers that would be available to law enforcement entities (including animal control agencies), veterinarians, humane societies, animal shelters, animal breeders and pet stores. An individual would be listed on the registry for two years following a first conviction and for five years following a subsequent conviction. Listed individuals would also be barred from owning or adopting an animal. In addition, they would be barred from working at or volunteering with any humane society or business dealing with animals.

This bill was introduced last year, at the beginning of the 2017-18 session, and has been carried over for consideration. Your action is needed to make sure that it is considered this year.

Learn more about Animal Abuser Registry Legislation.

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Please support SB 5804 and help establish a statewide animal abuse registry in Washington

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask your support for legislation that would establish a statewide animal abuse registry in Washington. SB 5804 would create a database of individuals convicted of animal abuse in order to assist law enforcement agencies in preventing the commission of future animal crimes and to help animal shelters and sellers keep animals out of the hands of convicted abusers.

With similar legislation introduced in multiple states across the nation, it is clear that there is a strong public interest in establishing animal abuse registries. The creation of an animal abuse registry in Washington would better protect our animals and reduce the likelihood of convicted animal abusers victimizing animals in the future.

Please support the establishment of a database of convicted animal abusers and help protect animals from harm.

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