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Stop the Illegal Trade of Cats and Dogs Sold for Research

Stop the Illegal Trade of Cats and Dogs Sold for Research 

Name: Pet Safety and Protection Act

Bill Number: HR 1141

Dogs and cats used by research facilities can come from many sources. However, random source (or Class B licensed) animal dealers have a history of bad-faith dealings in the acquisition of their dogs and cats. This includes numerous failures to properly account for the source of their animals, which have, in the past, been acquired through theft or misrepresentation. In fact, Class B dealers are notorious for selling strays, animals stolen from backyards, and dogs and cats obtained through “free to a good home” offers to research and animal testing facilities.

The National Institutes of Health no longer allows its researchers to obtain dogs and cats from Class B dealers. This bill would require all research facilities to obtain animals only through specified sources, such as breeders, shelters or pounds, owner donations, or other licensed research facilities—but not from Class B dealers.

This legislation was first introduced in 1996 and has been reintroduced in Congress every session since. It is time to end a problem that was identified more than two decades ago. Please ask your Representative to become a sponsor of this legislation and move it forward towards passage in 2018.


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Please end the illegal trade of animals used in research

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to become a sponsor of the Pet Safety and Protection Act, HR 1141, which would help stop theft and fraud in obtaining animals used for research. This bill would require research facilities to obtain animals only from breeders, directly from owners, from registered pounds or shelters, or from other registered research facilities.

It has been well documented that "random source" animal dealers have obtained animals from individuals who fraudulently misrepresented themselves as trying to find good homes for unwanted dogs or cats. By representing themselves as looking for a pet, these suppliers convince owners to release their animals, which are then sold for research. There have also been cases where animals have disappeared from their yards, only to turn up in research facilities that obtain their research subjects from random source dealers. These animals only have a chance of being discovered if they are microchipped and the research facility is conscientious enough to scan the animal before beginning any protocol.

The research community has largely stopped using random source cats and dogs, and the National Institutes of Health has directed federally-funded researchers to stop using cats and dogs from random sources. Yet the problem of accountability for dogs and cats from random source dealers remains.

While the best solution is to replace the use of dogs and cats with non-animal test methods that are more predictive, reliable and humane, the illegal acquisition of these animals must stop.

Please give your full support to passage of a solution to this well-documented problem and become a sponsor of this measure. Thank you for your consideration.

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