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Maryland: House Approves Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research; Governor Needs to Hear from You

Maryland: House Approves Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research; Governor Needs to Hear from You

Name: Humane Adoption of Companion Animals Used in Research Act of 2018

Bill Number: SB 675

The House has unanimously approved SB 675, which would ensure that healthy cats and dogs have the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes after being used for research, testing or educational purposes, instead of being euthanized. The bill will require a research facility that uses cats and dogs for scientific research to take steps to provide for the adoption of the dog or cat who is no longer needed by utilizing a private placement process or by entering into an agreement with an animal rescue organization.

The Senate also approved this bill unanimously earlier this year, but only after removing a provision that required research institutions to report annually on their use of dogs and cats for research.

The governor now has thirty days after passage to approve or veto this bill. If he does nothing after thirty days, the bill will become law without his signature.

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Call to Actions:

  1. Please contact Governor Larry Hogan and urge him to sign this bill into law.
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Please give cats and dogs no longer used for research a chance to live in a loving home

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to sign SB 675 into law. This bill would require research facilities in Maryland to take reasonable steps to provide for the adoption of their dogs and cats through an animal rescue organization or private placement before considering euthanasia. Too often, animals used in research are routinely euthanized when the research or educational project is done, even though they may be otherwise healthy and could be welcomed into a loving home.

The Senate and House have already given their unanimous approval to this measure, and I hope that you will give it your full support as well.

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