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Delaware: Senate and House Vote "Yes" on Research Animal Retirement Act

Delaware: Senate and House Vote "Yes" on Research Animal Retirement Act  

Name: Research Animal Retirement Act

Bill Number: SB 101

On May 8, 2018, the Senate voted unanimously to adopt the House version of the Research Animal Retirement Act. The Senate approved the bill last year, but the House amended it before passage on May 1, requiring its return to the Senate. This bill will require research institutions to offer healthy cats and dogs used in research for adoption instead of euthanizing them, either by entering into an agreement with an animal rescue organization or animal shelter, or by making the animal available through private placement.

Delaware advocates made their voices heard to urge the passage of this bill. Now one more push is needed, to Governor John Carney, to ensure that it is signed into law.

Learn more about Research Cat and Dog Adoption Legislation.


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Please give cats and dogs in research a chance to live in loving homes

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to sign into law SB 101, to require research institutions to make dogs and cats available for adoption, either through an animal rescue organization or through private adoption, instead of euthanizing them when they are no longer used. Too often, animals used in research are regarded as disposable commodities to be discarded when the research or education project is done.

This is an important issue to me, and to many other individuals in Delaware. This bill does not impose any fiscal burden on the state. Instead, it will result in animals now in labs sharing loving homes with individuals across the state in the future. I hope that you will continue the legislative support for this bill and sign it into law. Thank you.

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