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Massachusetts: Demand an End to Product Safety Testing on Animals

Massachusetts: Demand an End to Product Safety Testing on Animals

Name: Alternative Non-Animal Testing Methods Act

Bill Number: S 459/H 2933

It has been recognized that the use of animals in safety testing for cosmetics does not necessarily create safer products. There are many safety tests that are scientifically superior and more reliable than those that use animals. Moreover, alternative tests have been in use by the cosmetics industry for more than a decade.

These bills would prohibit the use of animals for non-medical safety testing by manufacturers or contract testing facilities, where an alternative safety test exists. The legislation would also prohibit the use of animals for testing chemicals and ingredients used by manufacturers for all types of non-medical products.

These bills were introduced in 2017, and the longer they remain in committee the less likely it is that they will pass this year.

Call to Actions:

  1. Please contact your State Senator and Representative and urge them to support this important piece of legislation.
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Please Support the Use of Non-Animal Alternatives for Product Safety Testing

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask your support for S 459/H 2933, which would prohibit the use of animal testing when alternative, non-animal methods are available. There are numerous alternative toxicity testing methods--including cell cultures, isolated animal tissues and computer simulations--that have proven to be as effective as testing on live animals.

With current scientific advancements, non-animal tests are more reliable, effective and humane than animal tests that were developed in the last century. Many manufacturers already use non-animal test methods; however, this legislation will give other companies a push to not only stop relying on animal testing, but also to work toward the development of new tests where none currently exist.

This legislation was reported on favorably by the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture in February. Please urge the Senate Committee on Rules and the House Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture to move forward with consideration of these bills.

I hope that Massachusetts will be the next state to join California, New Jersey, New York and Virginia in ending the use of animals for safety testing.

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