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Urge Congress to Adopt Most Humane Farm Bill Possible

Urge Congress to Adopt Most Humane Farm Bill Possible

Name: Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018/Farm Bill

Bill Number: HR 2 / SB 3042

Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (Farm Bill): House of Representatives Bill 2, and the text of Senate Bill 3042. There are numerous and substantive differences between the two versions, most of which have nothing to do with animal welfare issues.

The House version contains what is known as the “King amendment,” a provision that is extremely detrimental to state animal welfare efforts. The provision would allow producers in states without any humane welfare standards (such as a ban on battery cages or gestation crates) to market their products in states that have enacted such reforms. This would put the farmers in “humane” states at a strong economic disadvantage, as humanely raised products are more expensive to produce.

The Senate, in considering the Farm Bill, substituted its own language for the House version, striking the King amendment language. This revised bill is now being considered by a conference committee made up of members of both chambers.

In addition to the King Amendment, the House and Senate are considering other provisions that would have a positive impact on animal welfare:

  • The House bill includes a measure to strengthen prohibitions against animals fighting and ensure that the law applies to all U.S. territories and jurisdictions (introduced originally as the Parity in Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act or the PACE Act, HR 4202/S 2971).
  • The Senate bill includes a provision making it an offense to cross state lines to injure a companion animal and extending protections against domestic violence to those animals. This measure would also fund efforts to establish of animal-friendly shelters for abused women (introduced originally as the Pet and Women Safety Act, HR 909/S 322).
  • Both the House and Senate have also included a measure to ban interstate commerce in dog and cat meat, along with a strong prohibition on the consumption of dog and cat meat (introduced originally as the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act, HR 6720).


Please ask Congress to consider supporting these issues to promote animal welfare—and to reject the King Amendment as they finalize the Farm Bill later this month.  

Call to Actions:

  1. Please contact your U.S. Senators and Representative asking that the King amendment be excluded, and that all animal welfare measures be included in the final draft of the bill.
  2. Spread the word! Share this page with your social network.



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Please Include Animal Welfare Measures and Ditch the King Amendment in the Final Farm Bill

Dear [Decision Maker],

A conference committee will soon be resuming its work negotiating a final version of HR 2, the Farm Bill, to send to both the House and Senate for your approval. As this process continues, please share my concern with your colleagues, both on and off the conference committee, regarding the importance of adopting a final bill that represent the interests of your constituents--individuals who care about animals.

Specifically, there are three measures I support: expanding the prohibition on animal fighting to U.S. territories, better protecting abused women who are concerned about the welfare of their pets, and a ban on eating dog and cat meat.

In addition, I strongly urge members of Congress to omit the language of the King amendment from the final bill. This amendment to the House version of the Farm Bill attacks state autonomy by giving other states, as well as corporations and even individuals, a federal private right of action to challenge state and local government laws that affect any aspect of agriculture, including state mandates for specific humane farming reforms.

This provision would also undermine every state's right to determine what standards they want to enact in their communities regarding the welfare of animals used for agriculture and many other matters. These state-determined standards will be invalidated if the King Amendment is adopted.

Please do your best to protect state sovereignty and promote the welfare of animals in this important legislation.

Thank you for your consideration.

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[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]