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Give the Humane Cosmetics Act a Push as the New Congress Convenes

Give the Humane Cosmetics Act a Push as the New Congress Convenes

Name: Humane Cosmetics Act

The Humane Cosmetics Act would end cosmetics testing on animals by private and governmental entities and would phase out the sale and distribution of animal-tested cosmetics within three years. This legislation would ban testing the final product, as well as any ingredients, on animals. 

This legislation was first introduced six years ago and, despite a steady growth in sponsorship over the years, has never had a hearing nor a vote. Last session, this bill had 186 co-sponsors, yet it never moved forward. With the new Congress in session, this bill finally has a chance to be heard. While it has not yet been reintroduced, it is imperative that we let our legislators know that it is a priority issue for 2019.

Please demand that your U.S. Representative support the reintroduction and passage of the Humane Cosmetics Act.


Call to Actions:

  1. Please ask your U.S. Representative to support the passage of the Humane Cosmetics Act in 2019.
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Please give your support to passage of the Humane Cosmetics Act this year

Dear [Decision Maker],

The Humane Cosmetics Act, which was introduced, yet never heard or voted on during the past three sessions of Congress, would end the use of live animals for safety testing by the cosmetics industry. Why is the U.S. taking so long to give its approval to this measure?

Numerous countries have already ended animal testing and the sale of products that were tested on animals. In Canada, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act won approval of that country's Senate in June 2018. Yet our House of Representatives has never even conducted hearings on a U.S. bill.

Much of the cosmetics industry already relies on more predictive non-animal test methods for evaluating the safety and efficacy of cosmetics, demonstrating that an end to the use of animals will not negatively impact human health. Testing cosmetics on animals is an indefensible waste of animal life and the cause of animal suffering when reliable non-animal safety tests have been available for years.

As your constituent, I urge you to add your voice to the many legislators who supported this bill last year. Please give your support to the reintroduction of the Humane Cosmetics Act and become a sponsor of this important bill.

Thank you for your consideration.

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