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Hawaii: Support Statewide Ban on Selling Animal-Tested Cosmetics

Hawaii: Support Statewide Ban on Selling Animal-Tested Cosmetics

Name: Ban on the Use of Animals in Cosmetics Testing

Bill Number: SB 756/HB 704

It has been recognized that the use of animals in safety testing for cosmetics does not necessarily create safer products. There are many safety tests that are scientifically superior and more reliable than those that use animals. Moreover, alternative tests have been in use by the cosmetics industry for more than a decade. This bill would ban the use of animals for testing cosmetics or household products if an alternative test method is available.

This legislation would prohibit manufacturers from selling, importing, or offering for sale in Hawaii any cosmetic for which an animal test was conducted by or on the behalf of the manufacturer after January 2021. Cosmetics are broadly defined as any article used for personal hygiene or beautification.


Call to Actions:

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Support a ban on the use of animals in cosmetics testing

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask your support for important legislation, SB 756 and HB 704, which would end a reliance on animals for safety testing cosmetics and other personal care items in the state of Hawaii. Safe and reliable non-animal safety tests have existed for years, and hundreds of brands already sell cosmetics that are cruelty free.

With current scientific advancements, non-animal tests are more reliable, effective and humane than archaic animal tests that were developed last century. The adoption of a state law will give more companies a push to stop relying on animal tests and will allow us to join California, New Jersey, New York and Virginia, as well as many countries around the world that have already taken steps toward creating only cruelty-free cosmetics.

Please support passage of this bill and let Hawaii lead the way in the global movement toward cruelty-free cosmetics.

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