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New Jersey: Senate Bill for Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research Goes to House for Consideration

New Jersey: Senate Bill for Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research Goes to House for Consideration

Name: Adoption of Dogs and Cats Used in Research

Bill Number: A 3274/S 2826

Update: S 2826 passed the state Senate in February, but no further action has occurred.

Healthy dogs and cats in New Jersey deserve the opportunity to be adopted into loving homes instead of being euthanized after being used for educational, research or scientific purposes. While bills were introduced in the Assembly (A 3274) and the Senate (S 2826) to require institutions of higher education to offer healthy dogs and cats no longer being used in research to an animal rescue organization for adoption, it is the Senate bill, renamed the “Homes for Animal Heroes Act,” that is moving forward.

Institutions offering dogs and cats for adoption would be immune from civil liability arising from the transfer of the cat or dog, provided the institution has acted in good faith concerning the health and physical condition of the animal.

This legislation is getting consideration across the country and New Jersey has already passed it through one chamber. Please urge your state Assemblyperson to help dogs and cats used in research pass before another year goes by.


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Please give dogs and cats in research a chance to live in loving homes

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask for your support of S 2826, which would require publicly-funded educational institutions in New Jersey to offer dogs and cats no longer used for educational, research or scientific purposes to an animal shelter or animal rescue organization for adoption instead of euthanizing them. Facilities covered under this section would be immune from civil liability for any damages that result when an animal is turned over to a shelter or rescue organization, as long as the facility acts in good faith.

Too often, animals used in research are routinely euthanized when the research or educational project is done, even though they may be otherwise healthy. Ten states have now passed laws to ensure that animals once used for education, research or scientific purposes have a second chance at life as companion animals, including Washington, which passed a law in 2019. Many other states are also considering similar legislation this year.

The Senate has already passed an amended version of this bill. Please encourage the Assembly to conduct hearings and move forward with the passage of this legislation to allow these animals a chance at finding loving homes in New Jersey.

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