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Florida: Prevent the Development of a Captive Bred Animal Culture

Florida: Prevent the Development of a Captive Bred Animal Culture  

Name: Florida Animal Policy Act

Bill Number: S 1176/ HB 933

While advocates and scientists continue to demonstrate the negative impact of using animals bred in captivity for research and testing, S 1176 and its companion bill, HB 933, sadly advocate for an increase in the captive-bred animal industry in Florida. This industry perpetuates generations of suffering for animals bred solely to be used in research, testing, and experimentation.

This legislation would:

  • Enhance the growth of captive-bred animal culture by using state funds and resources to increase business opportunities;
  • Require the department to coordinate and assist in the development of captive-bred animal culture, especially in ways that introduce new use of uncultured wildlife;
  • Provide state funds to promote captive bred animal research and development;
  • Specify best management practices that captive-bred producers must implement.


A new Captive-Bred Animal Culture Plan would identify problems and constraints of the captive-bred animal culture industry in developing domesticated brood stock, propose possible solutions to such problems, and develop plans for the growth of the industry in the state.

Florida is already a hub for countless breeding facilities that breed everything from marine mammals to be used for public display, to nonhuman primates to be used for research and testing. Florida is one of the largest producers of captive bred nonhuman primates for use in research and testing and this bill would further perpetuate this industry.

HB 933 and S 1167 would strive to turn Florida’s already thriving captive animal production into an even more economically rich industry, to advance its supply trade and for job creation.  

However, these bills fail to provide any moral compass for promoting animal breeding, as it ignores any ethical considerations for perpetuating an industry based on the ongoing suffering of animals used in research, testing and experimentation. Large scale breeders, like puppy mills, regard animals as if they are equipment to be produced in a factory, with little regard for their comfort or wellbeing. Whether the animals are being bred for entertainment, research or for the use of their hides or skins, their lives and welfare should matter.


Call to Actions:

  1. Please contact your state Representative and urge them to oppose legislation that encourages the growth of a captive breeding industry.
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Please oppose the development of a captive bred animal industry in Florida

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to you in opposition to the Florida Animal Policy Act, S 1176/ HB 933, which favors the development of a captive-bred animal culture industry in Florida, despite the suffering of countless animals to be sold for testing, experimentation and research.

If passed, these bills would require the development of a captive breeding animal culture plan to promote the creation of more breeding colonies for animals being exploited for entertainment, research and food and fiber. These bills would also create a mechanism for state licensing and oversight of captive-bred animal facilities, as well as providing state funding to encourage the development of new animal breeding facilities.

Florida is already a hub for countless breeding facilities that breed everything from marine mammals, bred to be held captive for public display, to nonhuman primates, bred for use in research and testing across the country. By promoting its animal breeding colony industry, Florida is exploiting its environmental resources to expand and perpetuate a miserable existence for thousands of animals.

While HB 933 and S 1167 propose to use animal breeding as a means towards economic advancement and job creation, they do so at the expense of innocent lives, by furthering an industry that promotes unethical breeding and trade for countless generations of animal lives.

Please give take into account ethical considerations instead of merely looking at economic justifications for promoting the exploitation of these animals.

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