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Priority Federal Actions

Humane Cosmetics Act Needs Support to End Testing on Animals
Urge your legislators to sponsor this important bill
Stop the Illegal Trade of Cats and Dogs Sold for Research
End research on animals from random source dealers
Restore Transparency of USDA Records on Animal Use
Put AWA and HPA searchable database back online for public access to information
End the Use of Live Animals for Military Training
Battlefield injuries need human-based training methods
Demand More Accountability for Chemical Testing Using Animals and Alternatives
How much progress are federal agencies making in using non-animal methods?


Federal Actions

Stop the Global Trade of Shark Fins
The Extinction of Sharks is on the Line
Stop the Use of Exotic and Wild Animals in Traveling Performances and Circuses
Exotic and Wild Animals Suffer from Inhumane Training Methods and Stress from Travel
Stop the Exploitation of Captive Orcas
Make this generation of orcas the last one to spend their lives in captivity
Personal Care Products Safety Act Needs Humane Component
Urge lawmakers to make personal care products safe and humane
Stop the Use of Nontherapeutic Antibiotics by Livestock Producers
The overuse of antibiotics is dangerous to animal welfare and human health.
End the Use of Traps in the National Wildlife Refuge System
Support a ban on body-gripping traps in wildlife refuges
Put an End to the Slaughter of Dogs and Cats for Human Consumption
Human health and animal welfare are on the line
End the Use of Indiscriminate Wildlife Traps in the U.S.
Support restrictions on sale and use of steel-jaw leghold and Conibear traps
Federal Animal Cruelty and Torture Act Proposed
Support passage of a federal animal abuse bill with penalties attached
Tell Congress to Oppose the DAIRY PRIDE Act
Urge your legislators to vote against special interest legislation that will result in increased costs for consumers.
Don't Allow Hunters to Import Banned Polar Bear Trophies from Canada
Special interests, not polar bear conservation, are at issue
Elephant "Conservation" Bill Allows Sport Hunting and Sale of Ivory
Stop misnamed legislation that promotes interests of hunters, not animals
Horse Slaughter Ban Needed to Save Horses in Canada and Mexico
Help stop the sale of horse meat, which is unfit for human consumption
Speak Out Against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China
Urge your Representative to support a resolution to end China's dog meat trade
Ask NIH to Stop Funding Research on All Dogs
An end to the use of random source dogs means increased use of dogs from breeders
Demand a Meaningful Hearing on the Ethics of Using Nonhuman Primates for Experiments
NIH Workshop Glorifies Research, Ignores Ethical Issues
Count Mice, Rats and Birds under the Animal Welfare Act
Millions of animals are excluded every year from AWA protections