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Priority Federal Actions

Support Safe Cosmetics Bill that Includes Ban on Animal Testing
Give the FDA and manufactures responsibility for safety of ingredients without harming animals
Count Mice, Rats and Birds under the Animal Welfare Act
Millions of animals are excluded every year from AWA protections
Can the Humane Cosmetics Act Pass this Year?
Please give one last push to get this bill onto the floor for a vote before the session ends
Urge Congress to Adopt Most Humane Farm Bill Possible
Ensure that final bill addresses animal welfare concerns and excludes King amendment
Make Your Vote Count on Behalf of Animals
Let your Representatives know that you support animal issues and want them to do the same
Ask Your Legislators to Support the BEST Practices Act before Congress Adjourns
End the use of live animals for battlefield trauma training
End the Continued Use of Dogs for Harmful Experiments at the VA
Medical research on dogs isn't the best way to serve America's veterans
Harmful Experiments on Kittens by Federal Research Facilities Continue
Inhumane research on cats must stop; money is better spent on non-animal methods
Urgent Need to Return USDA Records to the Public Eye
Congress must restore transparency to APHIS records as Court rules to block information
Urge Congressional Committee to Adopt Senate Version of Farm Bill
Ensure that final bill addresses animal welfare concerns and excludes King amendment
Oppose the King Amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill
Demand your legislators to preserve state animal welfare protections
Stop the Illegal Trade of Cats and Dogs Sold for Research
Bill proposes ban on use of animals for safety testing by manufacturers and contract testing facilities
Reintroduce the Animal Welfare in Agriculture Research Endeavors Act (AWARE Act)
Urge your legislators to amend the AWA to include Farm Animals Used in Federal Research
Demand that Personal Care Products Safety Act Includes Ban on Animal Testing
Urge lawmakers to make personal care products safe and humane
Demand More Accountability for Chemical Testing Using Animals and Alternatives
How much progress are federal agencies making in using non-animal methods?


Federal Actions

Oppose House Bill to Strip Wolves of Endangered Species Act Protections
Delisting wolves will devastate ecosystems and push important predators towards extinction
Put an End to the Slaughter of Dogs and Cats for Human Consumption
Human health and animal welfare are on the line
Stop Efforts to Attack the Marine Mammal Protection Act
Prevent the passage of legislation harmful to endangered marine mammals
Endangered and Threatened Animals at Risk from Legislative Attack
The preservation of the Endangered Species Act is on the line
Misleading Legislation Will Undermine Efforts to Protect Endangered Animals
Urge Congress to oppose efforts to gut wildlife protections
Ensure that Animal Dealers with Suspended Licenses Are Barred from the Business
Prohibit AWA licenses from being awarded to family members of individuals whose license was suspended or revoked
Humane Treatment of Dogs by Dealers Defined
Bill specifies humane standards, housing and treatment by commercial dog dealers
Support New Farm Bill to Restore Government Transparency and Establish Welfare Reforms
Alternative Farm Bill finally addresses welfare of animals in regulatory framework
Misleading Legislation Will Undermine Efforts to Protect Endangered Animals
Urge Your Representative to Oppose this Bill and Defend the Endangered Species Act
Federal Animal Cruelty and Torture Act Proposed
Support passage of a federal animal abuse bill with penalties attached
Ask NIH to Stop Funding Research on All Dogs
An end to the use of random source dogs means increased use of dogs from breeders
Demand a Meaningful Hearing on the Ethics of Using Nonhuman Primates for Experiments
NIH Workshop Glorifies Research, Ignores Ethical Issues