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Priority Federal Actions

Demand Accountability by Federal Agencies for Chemical Testing Using Animals
How much progress are federal agencies making in using non-animal methods?
Personal Care Products Safety Act Includes Phasing Out Animal Testing on Cosmetics
Urge lawmakers to make personal care products safe and humane
End Harmful Cat Experiments by the USDA
Inhumane research on cats must stop; money is better spent finding non-animal methods
Require NIH to Prioritize Non-Animal Research Methods
Public Health Service Act amendment provides active incentives for change
End the Use of Dogs for Harmful Experiments at the VA
Medical research on dogs isn't the best way to serve America's veterans
Stop the Illegal Trade of Dogs and Cats Sold for Research
Put an end to labs sourcing animals from "random source" dealers
Give the Humane Cosmetics Act a Push as the New Congress Convenes
Ask your U.S. Representative to give momentum to this bill in 2019
Count Mice, Rats and Birds under the Animal Welfare Act
Millions of animals are excluded every year from AWA protections


Federal Actions

End the Private Trade of Nonhuman Primates
Urge your Representative to protect nonhuman primates and public welfare
Federal: Ensure that Animal Dealers with Suspended Licenses Are Barred from the Business
Prohibit AWA licenses from being awarded to family members of individuals whose license was suspended or revoked
Emergency Evacuation Plans Needed for Animals Used in Commerce
Emergency preparation can save thousands of animal lives
Federal Animal Cruelty and Torture Act Proposed
Support passage of a federal animal abuse bill with penalties attached
Ask NIH to Stop Funding Research on All Dogs
An end to the use of random source dogs means increased use of dogs from breeders
Demand a Meaningful Hearing on the Ethics of Using Nonhuman Primates for Experiments
NIH Workshop Glorifies Research, Ignores Ethical Issues