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Release the Elders


How to Help

Sign the Project R&R petition to the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Francis Collins, MD, PhD. The NIH is the top government institution that oversees the federally funded facilities that hold the oldest known chimpanzees in research. Please ask Dr. Collins to immediately release the elder chimpanzees into permanent sanctuary so they may enjoy their remaining years, months, or even days in the relative peace and freedom of sanctuary before they die.


  • Francis Collins, MD, PhD


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We urgently request that you, as director of the National Institutes of Health, exercise your power to secure the transfer to sanctuary of the oldest chimpanzees known to be in research laboratories. According to available information, over one-third of the chimpanzees held in U.S. laboratories are elderly (i.e., a male chimpanzee 25 years or older or a female 30 years or older).

An independent public opinion survey commissioned by Project R&R found that 71% of Americans support the release of chimpanzees who have spent longer than 10 years in a laboratory. The elder chimpanzees have far surpassed that mark.

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