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Stop senseless and terrifying anxiety studies on baby monkeys!

Baby monkey in maternal deprivation studyThe relaunch of appalling anxiety experiments on baby monkeys has been approved at the University of Wisconsin-Madison despite their cruelty, the lack of any benefit to humans they yield, and decades of opposition.

The study, to be led by Ned Kalin, PhD, in which newborn monkeys will be subjected to stressors to record the effects and then euthanized, will never lead to relevant data that can be extrapolated to aid in the treatment of human infants and children. Learn more here.

What You Can Do

There is still time to prevent the experiment from starting this June! Please email University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca M. Blank today.


  • Chancellor Rebecca Blank
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor's Office


Please cancel senseless anxiety studies on baby monkeys

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am alarmed to learn that despite decades of existing data from similar questionable studies, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has approved a new anxiety study using baby rhesus macaque monkeys. I strongly urge the university to reconsider this decision and cancel this cruel project.

Again, I implore you to end this horrific experiment. I trust a prestigious institution such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison would not want association with such a scientifically specious and harmful program.

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