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Support Diplomacy, Not War with Iran

Rep. Barbara Lee

There is a growing battle in Congress between those who want to set the stage for war against Iran and others who are promoting peaceful solutions.

On one side, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) has introduced important legislation that would:

1)    Lift the "no contact policy" that bars US diplomats from communicating with their Iranian counterparts.

2)    Make clear there is no authorization for war and no taxpayer money may be used for war against Iran.

3)    Support sustained, bilateral talks with Iran by appointing a special diplomatic envoy.  

NIAC strongly supports the Lee bill (H.R.4173) because direct talks are the only way to prevent war, resolve the nuclear standoff, and put mechanisms in place to effectively address human rights abuses in Iran and create space for Iran’s pro-democracy movement.

But while we work to promote peaceful solutions, other powerful groups like AIPAC are working to advance a resolution that would make war far more likely and would obstruct a diplomatic, inspections-based solution.  Their resolution effectively calls for a military attack on Iran when it obtains a "nuclear weapons capability" -- an undefined threshold for war that many experts believe already applies to Iran (and almost every other country with a civilian nuclear program.)

To defeat the growing calls for war, we must support robust diplomacy to secure the peace.  Please write your Members of Congress using the below form and tell them to stand up for diplomacy and against war!

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