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Stop the Backdoor to War with Iran

Bibi Bomb

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Tomorrow the Senate plans to vote in support of Israeli strikes on Iran. 

They are expected to pass S.Res.65, which urges that if Netanyahu decides to bomb Iran, the U.S. should provide full support.

This is a nonbinding resolution, meaning it will not become law. But the pro-war hawks are setting the stage for such action and this could be one of the final steps. 

The House, meanwhile, is planning to pass new sanctions (H.R.850) through committee. Some are pushing for the new sanctions bill--once finalized and sent to the President--to include language echoing the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which ruled out diplomacy and made war inevitable. 

Your elected officials must hear from you that you oppose the gradual push to war and that they should oppose these measures when they are voted on tomorrow. If they only hear from the vocal minority who want war, instead of the overwhelming number of Americans who oppose war with Iran, they will continue to push forward until it’s too late.

Tell your Representatives and Senators to stand up against a backdoor to war and against new broad sanctions.

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