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Seize the Moment for Peace and Human Rights

Just two weeks ago, few believed that the Iranian people could make a difference. Yet millions of Iranians pushed aside fear and skepticism to make their voices heard. By choosing a non-violent path, and voting in support of moderation over radicalism, the voices for change defeated the voices of extremism.  

True change has not yet come, but the Iranian people defied the odds and created an opportunity for change. Now, it is our turn to stand with them. All of us who seek to prevent war, stand up for human rights, and create a better future for the U.S. and Iran must seize the moment.

That is why we are launching a new campaign to push decision-makers to achieve real progress. We will be unveiling important action items in the coming weeks to build momentum toward a brighter future for the U.S. and Iran. 

Will you seize the moment for peace and human rights? 

Please use the form below to join the campaign by signing the statement of principles and sending a letter to President Obama to encourage him to pursue positive diplomacy, support human rights and democracy, and end the humanitarian suffering caused by sanctions.

Seize the Moment for Peace and Human Rights: Statement of Principles

We believe-- 

We must support the Iranian people as they strive for peace, democracy and human rights.

Through non-violent action we have the power to create change.

Together we are stronger than those seeking war and unending sanctions, and those repressing the Iranian people. 

By seizing the moment and demanding action, we can prevent war, secure peace, and ensure the human rights and democratic aspirations of Iranians.

We thank you for your vital support and look forward to standing up together to seize the moment.


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NIAC will protect your privacy and keep you informed about this and similar campaigns.


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