Stop Diplomacy-Killing Sanctions

A growing number of Senators are preparing to kill the interim deal with Iran and pass new sanctions to put us on the path to war. 

President Obama has issued a rare veto threat against the bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has thus far opposed bringing the bill up for a vote. If we get 41 Senators to oppose it, a vote will not happen. If 34 Senators oppose it, a veto will be sustained and the bill will not become law.

Thankfully, both of your Senators have so far NOT signed onto the bill (see the list here). We MUST keep it this way—send them a message TODAY to thank them for not signing on and urging them to stand strong against it.

Will you take action to ensure that this bill does not reach 60 cosponsors? Send a letter and make a call to your Senators’ offices below.

Then, please forward this message to your friends and share it on Facebook and Twitter so we can build a critical mass of support for diplomacy and against new sanctions.

There can be peace between the U.S. and Iran in 2014…but ONLY if this bill is blocked and diplomacy can continue. 


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Oppose Diplomacy-Killing Iran Sanctions (S.1881)

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for not cosponsoring S.1881, new Iran sanctions legislation that the White House warns would kill negotiations and put the U.S. on a march to war with Iran. I strongly urge you to stand strong against this reckless legislation.

Your constituents support diplomacy, oppose new sanctions, and absolutely do not want war with Iran. There is a historic opportunity to utilize diplomacy to take a disastrous war, inhumane sanctions, and a nuclear-armed Iran off the table once and for all. New sanctions would sabotage this opportunity.

S.1881 would violate U.S. commitments and empower hardliners in Iran who oppose the negotiations. Moreover, this bill sets prohibitive demands for any final deal and even pledges support for Israeli strikes on Iran. This is appalling.

I applaud you for not cosponsoring this bill. I hope you will continue to play an active role in supporting diplomacy, opposing new sanctions and blocking a march to war.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
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