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Mark your calendars for MS Service Day 2013:   
October 5

What a difference a day makes... 

"Losing both cognitive and physical functions necessary to bring order to this chaotic space became a mountain I could not tackle alone. I appreciated everyone’s support, encouragement and patience on MS Service Day as we worked through this mountain. I am happy to report that each day since then I walk through the entire area with a big smile!” ~ Kristine, MS Service Day recipient 2012

If you have projects around your house that you haven’t been able to get to — or have difficulty doing — because of the effects of multiple sclerosis, contact us about the possibility of having a team work at your house on MS Service Day. We are accepting applications through June 26. Finalists will be chosen and home assessments scheduled and completed between June 26 and August 1. If we approve your house, you will be notified by August 17. House approval is dependent upon the work you want done and the availability of a volunteer team to complete the work.


Other Forms:

Household Information Agreement

Waiver and Release from Liability (client)

Waiver and Release from Liability (child) 

Interested in being a part of this meaningful day? Please sign up to volunteer today! Volunteer team applications will be accepted through September 6.


Calling all businesses!

Are you interested in becoming a community partner for this year’s MS Service Day? We need your generosity. If you would like to sponsore this event by monetary or in-kind donations, please contact Maria today at 1-800-344-4867 (press 2). Sponsor a worksite in your area! All funds not used during MS Service Day will be placed into our Independence Fund to be used for financial assistance throughout the year.

   What a difference a day makes...