Susan G. Komen 3-Day Fundraise App

Download our FREE mobile app to help boost your fundraising efforts. You can log in with your 3-Day username and password, making it possible to send emails, text messages, Tweets and Facebook updates! Click here for more information.


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*If you are not on your mobile device, go to your app store and search Susan G. Komen 3-Day Fundraise.

Facebook App

With a few simple clicks, you can install the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® app for Facebook. With the Komen 3-Day Facebook app, you can send a status update to get the word out and make it easier than ever for your friends to support you with a donation. Updates will appear automatically every time you receive a donation, and on a regular basis if you have selected the "Scheduled Messages" option. Your friends can click directly on the message in the news feed to donate to your efforts.

Click the icon below to add the app to your Facebook account:
fundraise with facebook
Questions or problems? Visit our Facebook App FAQ.

Facebook App Tutorial
Sample Social Media Posts
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Facebook Cover Images - Join Us 

Quick Response (QR) Code

Add this image to your fundraising flyers, posters or letters. Barcode reader-equipped smartphones can scan the code and be taken directly to your personal fundraising page. This code and our new mobile-friendly donation forms make collecting donations even easier.

You must first visit your participant center in order to view the QR code.


You can also boost your fundraising efforts by putting a widget on a personal website, blog or email signature. Those who click on your widget will be taken directly to your online 3-Day donation form.

How to get your widget:

  1. Choose which widget you want to use below (walker or crew).
  2. Enter your fundraising goal in the My Goal box. 
  3. Click Accept to create your widget. 
  4. Click Get Snippet to view the html code. 
  5. Copy the html code to your personal website, blog or email signature. Click here for instructions on how to add it to an email signature.

Note: My Progress, Achieved and Click Count tallies below only reflect donations received as a direct result of clicking the widget. To see your full donation history, visit the My Progress page of your Participant Center.