Building Your Team

  • Check out our 3-Day Recruitment Kit.
  • Email your friends and family from your Participant Center, inviting them to join your team.
  • Change your Facebook status message, send a tweet or update your personal blog. Click here for suggested messages to post.
  • Come to a Susan G. Komen 3-Day® informational meeting, meet-up, workshop or training walk and ask if anyone is interested in teaming up with you.
  • Become an official Komen 3-Day training walk leader. Posting your training walks on will help introduce your team to other walkers in your area who might want to join you.
  • Call us to let us know that your team is willing to accept out-of-town walkers who are looking for a team to join.
  • Call us and request a list of participants in your area who are looking to join a team.
  • Host a recruitment party at your house. Show the 3-Day® videos from our website and ask your party guests to join your team.
  • Put a 3-Day poster up at your office, school or place of worship.
  • Search the 3-Day Friend Finder to find participants in your community.
  • Form a team with your family - it’s a bonding experience like nothing else.
  • Start a team with the people in your area or neighborhood.
  • Start a team with an organization you represent.

Each time a new team member comes on board, make sure they know the name of your team. If they register online, they should select the “Join a Team” option, and select your team name from the list of registered teams. Registered participants can join your team with the “Change Team Membership” link on the Participant Center home page (on the right-hand side).