Bring Your Friends to the 3-Day and Celebrate with a Limited Edition Bubb and a Slumber Party Tent

For the Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego and Seattle 3-Days only

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You can earn a slumber party tent by bringing new walkers to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®.

Here’s how it works: If you recruit one first-time walker by July 1, we’ll give you a 3-Day bubb. If you recruit two or more first-time walkers by July 1 to join you on the 3-Day (Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego or Seattle only), in addition to the bubb we’ll arrange for you to have a slumber party together on the event.

Your slumber party will include:

  • Use of a large tent that sleeps up to 4, with air mattresses and pillows
  • Phone chargers
  • Camp chairs

Here’s what Home Sweet Home looks like for those who earn a slumber party tent. You don’t want to miss this!

“LOVED the slumber party tents!!!! It was my first 3-Day walk and I was so happy to be sleeping in a slumber party tent.”

“I had a slumber party tent and the new walker on my team was very impressed. She is older and being able to sleep on a high air mattress and in a large tent improved her experience.”

“I LOVED the slumber party tent experience. It was so awesome to be able to stand up and move around the tent.”

And if you recruit at least one new walker, we’ll give you a limited edition 3-Day bubb (seamless wrap).

Here’s two walkers wearing a bubb (seamless wrap).

The 2019 3-Day bubb will have this cool design:

Important Notes about the Slumber Party Tent Offer:

  • This offer is good for participants in the Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego and Seattle 3-Day events only.
  • In order to be eligible for your reward, you must have raised at least $2,300 by 4 weeks prior to your 3-Day (if you are registered as a walker).
  • You’ll receive an email approximately 4 weeks before your event to collect your tentmates’ names. These can be any 3-Day participants and do not have to be the new walkers you recruited. You and your tentmates should select each other during the Tentmate Selection step of the online check-in process.
  • If the walkers you recruit do not ultimately participate in the 3-Day, you will still be able to get your slumber party tent.
  • This offer is only good for one 3-Day event.

Referral Reward Fundraising Deadline
Dallas/Fort Worth—10/4
San Diego—10/18

Tentmate Selection Deadline
Dallas/Fort Worth—10/16
San Diego—10/30