Repeat Walker Recruitment Kit

Welcome back to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®!

The best person to share the Komen 3-Day spirit is someone who’s experienced it personally. Someone who’s walked the walk and is inspired enough to do it again. Someone like YOU!

Grow Your Team and Earn a Slumber Party
If you recruit two first-time walkers by May 31 to join you on the 3-Day, we’ll arrange for you to have a slumber party together on the event, complete with a large tent that sleeps up to 4, with air mattresses, pillows and phone chargers. Go to to get your personal recruitment link and ID, which you’ll need to start recruiting those first-time walkers to register. (Note: This offer is not valid for the Philadelphia 3-Day, since there will be no tent camping on that event.)

“LOVED the slumber party tents!!!! It was my first 3-Day walk and I was so happy to be sleeping in a slumber party tent.”

“I had a slumber party tent and the new walker on my team was very impressed. She is older and being able to sleep on a high air mattress and in a large tent improved her experience.”

“I LOVED the slumber party tent experience. It was so awesome to be able to stand up and move around the tent.”

Click the links below to print a variety of resources you can use to invite people to join you on the 3-Day®.

Don’t Forget Where to Look for Help:

  1. Your coach! She’s an experienced 3-Day walker who can help you along your journey.
  2. Your Fundraising & Training Handbooks at
  3. Local meetings. Find one at
  4. Our Teams webpage.