Hosting a Fundraising Event

If a lot of your donors live nearby, throwing a fundraising event is a great way to get everyone together, show them a Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Video and let the spirit of the Komen 3-Day spread through the room to inspire everyone to give.

Here are the steps to throwing a successful fundraising event:

Planning the Event:

  • Pick a date and a venue for your event. Fundraising events are typically most successful when they take place in a controlled environment where the guests can focus on the presentation. Nightclubs or busy restaurants don’t usually work as well. Make sure you have a computer with Internet access so you can show the video and your guests can make donations online directly into your account.
  • Make your guest list. Invite as many people as possible.
  • Get the word out. Send invitations, put flyers up on bulletin boards, advertise in community calendars, update your Facebook status and ask your friends to share it, reach out to your hometown press, etc. Make it clear that the party is about raising money for your participation in the 3-Day®. Tell your guests that there will be a presentation and remind them to bring a checkbook or credit card.
  • Remind your guests about the party via phone, email, social media or all three!
  • Prepare for the party. Make copies of your donation form, plan the food and set up a computer so that everyone can see and hear the presentation. Have plenty of pens on hand so people can fill out the donation forms.

At the Event:

  • Mingle with your guests until everyone has arrived. Then, gather the group and play the video. It will only take a couple of minutes.
  • After the presentation, talk a little about your personal commitment to the 3-Day and your reasons for participating. Even if many of your guests know your reason, tell them again. Afterwards, give guests time to decide the amount they want to donate.
  • If your donors prefer to pay by check, they should complete a donation form. However, encourage donors to donate immediately online. That way, they may be able to quadruple their donation by selecting the payment plan option that spreads payments out over four months. This option is not available using the donation form. When using the online donation form, don’t forget to log out between donors.
  • Provide a donation form to take home for those who do not donate at the event.
  • Thank everyone for coming. Let everyone know how much was raised when the evening’s over.

After the Event:

  • Mail all donations immediately to the address on the donation form.
  • Send thank you notes to those who donated.
  • Follow up with those who could not attend. Call or send a note with a donation form.

Additional Fundraising Event Tips:

  • We recommend that you do not sell tickets to the fundraising event or charge at the door, unless this is the only method you’re using to collect funds for your fundraiser. Your guests will listen to the presentation but may not make an additional donation, thinking they’ve already contributed. Let your guests rise to the occasion.
  • The focus should be on the fundraising event itself, not your birthday or a holiday. Be up-front about the purpose of the party. Don’t take your guests by surprise. Practice your presentation. Many people get nervous when speaking in front of big groups. A good rehearsal can help you overcome nerves.
  • Have a scrapbook, walking log, pictures or any other visuals to help your donors understand your level of commitment to this event.