Team Training

  • Go on a Hike: Here’s a great way to train for hills and to get your feet used to some different terrain. Take advantage of what Mother Nature has given us and head out on a day hike with your team. Themed Walks: Make it fun and be creative! Get your team on board with a different theme for each training walk. (Examples: Day in Pink, Crazy Hats, Crazy Socks)
  • Walk-a-thon: Partner up with your local gym and organize a team walk-a-thon. Each team member walks for a certain amount of time, wearing your team shirt or a Susan G. Komen 3-Day® shirt. Note: This is also a great tool to help reach your team fundraising goal! Be sure to have your donation forms on hand. Mall Walking: You can shop, walk and talk all at once! Have your team members meet at a central location, and walk the distance in a local mall. Remember to bring your donation forms with you. You can create quite a stir walking in your Komen 3-Day gear.
  • Museum Walk: Beauty for your eyes, culture for your mind and training for your body all rolled into one great activity! Invite your team to meet you at a local museum and take your training indoors for the day.
  • Scavenger Hunt: When is the last time you planned a good, old fashioned scavenger hunt? This activity will take some preparation, but is an entertaining option for a longer training walk.
  • Garden Walk: Surround yourself with some sweet scents. Plan a training walk through botanical gardens, state park or other local gardens in your area.
  • Destination Walk: Plan a walk in a different town/neighborhood. Take a boat trip to a local island and explore. This is a great way to explore your surrounding communities and hidden treasures while getting yourself prepared for the 3-Day.
  • Go on a Parade: Are there any local parades occurring in your neighborhood? If so, join in as a 3-Day team! This is a great way to create buzz about your team and your commitment to the cause.
  • City Tour: Arrange a day with a local tour guide and explore what your city has to offer. Cities offer many different types of tours, including historical tours, underground tours, downtown tours and more.