3-Day Nation

Welcome to the 3-Day Nation!

The 3-Day Nation has no boundaries. It is a community that is committed to ending breast cancer forever. It’s in our hearts and minds. It's what connects us even when we’re not together.

We’ve made cool, downloadable 3-Day graphics that you can customize and share after 3-Day Nation officially launches to the public on June 15th. If you’re on Instagram be sure to tag @komen3day and use #The3Day and #3DayNation in your posts. Get the graphics here.

Thousands strong with one single purpose

We will walk across every time zone, in every zip code. In person or in spirit, but always together. We are committed, from coast to coast, to ending breast cancer once and for all. We are the 3-Day Nation. We will never give up!

We’ll take the Pink Bubble nationwide

This year we’ll make the 3-Day family bigger than ever. In cities big and small, in neighborhoods and backyards. We’ll raise more funds to save lives, honor our survivors and remember why we committed to the 3-Day in the first place.


3-Day Nation will be a new kind of 3-Day for everyone

One that is accessible to more people, with new ways to participate in local groups or teams, or as a single walker, knowing you’re never walking alone, connected to the larger 3-Day community through new experiences, new challenges, and new channels. We’ll use this unique opportunity to unite across the many communities we’ve walked through to build a stronger, bigger, and even more powerful 3-Day for years to come. With a fundraising minimum of $1,000, you can invite more people to join you in the Pink Bubble—friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers!

What we know and what is coming

3-Day Nation is a nationwide, community-driven event launching on June 15th. What started as a goal to finish what we started and provide an alternative to our hotel-based 3-Day walks in New England, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth has evolved into a nationwide movement & rallying cry. It’s an innovative way to experience, expand and strengthen the 3-Day Pink Bubble.

SAVE THE DATES: October 2 - 17

There will be lots of opportunities to connect with 3-Day Nation in your own way, on your own schedule, including live and on-demand programming, and local walks and activations. Our goal? Give you the 3-Day challenge you want, with the flexibility you need to make 3-Day Nation personal and perfectly right for you.

You can join us for one, two or all three weekends; all activities will be available live and on-demand.

Weekend 1: Kick Off 3-Day Nation
(Saturday, October 2)
Take action during National Breast Cancer Awareness month by joining us for our live and on-demand Opening Ceremony. Starting this weekend and throughout the coming week, we encourage you to walk 1-25 miles on your own or with your team, friends or family.

Weekend 2: Halfway Celebration
(Saturday, October 9)
This will be a special weekend of 3-Day Nation community and connection. We’ll have live and virtual moments designed to celebrate our shared commitment to ending breast cancer once and for all. This is your second week of walking 1-25 miles.

Weekend 3: Nationwide Walk
(Saturday, October 16 & Sunday, October 17)
Our culminating weekend of activities includes live and on-demand programming for both Saturday and Sunday.

National Campout and Honor Ceremony (Saturday)
Gather with your donors, team, friends and family, or take a moment by yourself to join us for a ceremony of honoring those we've lost and raising up those who inspire us to take action. If you choose, recreate camp in your backyard, living room or elsewhere and be a part of our National Campout to end breast cancer.

Nationwide Walk & Closing Ceremony (Sunday)
We all walk the last 10 miles together, at the same time across the Nation, culminating in a memorable 3-Day Nation Closing Ceremony.

As a Member of 3-Day Nation in 2021, you will:

  • Support Susan G. Komen® in the fight to end breast cancer by raising a minimum of $1,000. Walkers raising $1,000 will earn a Pink Bubble Bundle, filled with goodies like an event shirt, a 3-Day Nation pin, a Bank of America 3-Day Nation medal and many more surprises. Additional fundraising rewards and recognition items will be awarded to power fundraisers at the $1,700, $2,300, and $3,500 levels. We’ll share those soon. If you raise $5,000 for 3-Day Nation, you can even earn travel and a Thursday night hotel room to one 3-Day city of your choice in 2022. Woohoo!
  • Commit to walking 60 miles over the course of two weeks at your own pace! Starting on October 2, walk 50 of those miles on your own or with friends, family or team members as you engage with 3-Day Nation in “pink-bubble-moments” tailored just for this occasion. Then on Sunday, October 17th join all of 3-Day Nation for a shared 10-mile walk. It’s going to be epic! We’ll connect you with others looking to meet up to walk in your community, support you with fun, interactive programming, and even throw it back to simpler times with special guests and beloved 3-Day moments. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, on the 17th we’ll be helping 3-Day community leaders organize volunteer-led and self-run “Pop-Up Walks” across the country. If you’re interested in volunteering as a 3-Day Nation Pop-Up Leader, please contact us here, and we’ll connect you with other volunteers in your community.
  • Engage with 3-Day Nation. Leading up to October, we’ll offer a whole series of exciting and inspiring activities, such as fundraising and mileage challenges, coordinated training walks, shared stories, and other programming to ground us in our mission and why we walk. We’ll also be introducing some cool new apps and technology to help connect and unify us as a community. So, whether you are walking by yourself, with friends and family, with a team, or however else you choose, we’ll ensure you feel connected and a part of 3-Day Nation every step of the way.

3-Day Nation is so much more than a virtual event—it’s a movement and a huge accomplishment for our 3-Day community. We know we’ll emerge from this last year stronger than ever and your commitment to 3-Day Nation is part of how we do that! Even if you’re planning to walk in San Diego, you can still join us for 3-Day Nation. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Thank YOU

Public registration will launch on June 15th. In the meantime, join our 3-Day Nation Facebook group to stay up to date and connect with the community. We can’t wait to celebrate with you as we fundraise and walk together to end breast cancer. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to this cause and our 3-Day community!

Together, we will end breast cancer once and for all.

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