Here at the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, we love our teams! We love to see them before the event, fundraising and training together, and we love to see them out on the route often in matching outfits lifting the spirits of everyone around them. The 3-Day is always better with friends and family making the commitment alongside you.

Being part of a team multiplies the fun, the laughter and the tears that you share along the way, and increases your fundraising power.

The support of teammates makes training and fundraising more enjoyable (and successful) as it is easier to stay motivated. If your team becomes one of our top teams, your fundraising and recruitment efforts will be recognized on and on the event.

The resources on this page can help you build a team and lead it to fundraising and training success.

How to Form or Join a Team
You can join a team with the “Change Team Membership” link on your Participant Center home page (on the right-hand side). To form a new team, please submit the Team Request Form.

Find a Team to Join
The 3-Day Friend Finder helps participants like you find teams in your area that are open to accepting new members. Follow this link to search the 3-Day Friend Finder for a 3-Day® team to join. Please contact the team captain directly to learn more about their team.

You can also visit the message boards or attend a training walk to find a team. If you can’t find any teams in your area, contact your coach to find a team to join or learn how to form your own.