Crew Team Descriptions

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Crew is organized in such a way as to accomplish all the necessary tasks in the time permitted. Each role is important! Functions and physical requirements vary from team to team. All of the team assignments involve a certain amount of lifting; some more than others. The size of each crew team is based upon the number of participants for each event and is subject to change.

If you have a physical limitation, it is very important that you let us know so we can find the right team for you. Our Crew & Volunteer Coordinators will work with you to find the best team for both you and the event. Please read each crew team description carefully before filling out your crew assignment form.

If you’re not on your ideal crew team because the team was full when you selected your assignment, fill out a Crew Wish List Form to let us know which crew teams you are interested in being a part of this year.

Camp Teams

CAMP OPERATIONS—Advance Team. Requires a full four-day commitment. Requires heavy lifting as well as long hours on your feet. Camp Operations is a great crew team for those who love to work behind the scenes to create a great experience for others. This team is central to building and maintaining camp and producing a warm, cozy and clean atmosphere during the event. Each team member will rotate through Logistics, Hydration, Gear, Signage and Traffic stations to maintain a safe, organized, clean and fun campsite. Lift 30-50 lbs.

CAMP SERVICES (San Diego 3-Day Only)—An ideal team for crew members wanting to experience multiple areas of camp. Manages information tent, lost and found, 3-Day Lounge, walker scan in/out area, camp vehicle traffic, and towel distribution at camp showers. Some areas require standing for periods of time while others allow for crew members to be seated. Lift 10-40 lbs.

CAMP SUPPORT—An ideal team for those with outstanding customer service skills and need to sit periodically or have restrictions lifting heavy objects. The team will rotate through stations to set up, manage and break down the service areas in camp. Those areas include the 3-Day Lounge, check-in, Pink Information Tent, shower area, breakfast and dinner service areas and traffic stations. Camp Support crew members will have station specialties, however, every team member will have the opportunity to rotate through every station at least once during the weekend. Lift 10-40 lbs.

FOOD SERVICE (San Diego 3-Day Only)— Involves standing for long periods of time. Works closely with event caterer. The team serves a hot breakfast and dinner to all participants. No cooking or food preparation required. Assists other crew teams as needed. Lift 10 lbs.

GEAR & TENT (San Diego 3-Day Only)— Requires consistent heavy lifting on Friday and Sunday of event. Loads and unloads gear and tents and transports them to camp. Must be able to drive a 15' truck (no special license needed, except a valid driver's license). Provides protection of the participants' gear, campsite and vehicles. Lift 50-80 lbs. Must attend drivers training session at the All-Crew Kick-Off.

SUPPORT SERVICES— Works closely with the Command Center Support Services team to transport non-emergency injured participants to/from the hospital or back to camp. Also executes various support services responsibilities. This team is on call throughout the night. No medical background is necessary. Lift 10-20 lbs.

HOTEL(Michigan, New England, Philadelphia, Twin Cities 3-Days Only)—Crew members will support all facets of hotel operations. Responsibilities may include: hotel shuttle drivers and greeters, staffing the information, serving in the 3-Day Lounge, luggage collection, gear security, transport and/or retrieval, scanning walkers in/out each day, assisting with meal service, and managing hydration tables. Crew members will have the opportunity to rotate through each station based on physical ability. Some tasks are strenuous. Crew members should communicate with their crew captains regarding physical ability and preferences.


Road Teams

SHUTTLE — Drive vans that transport walkers on the route to the following sites only: to lunch and then to camp. Both members in each shuttle must drive and must be able to get in and out of van quickly. Lift 20-30 lbs. Must attend drivers training session at the All-Crew Kick-Off. Ability to lift spirits and have fun is required!

EVENT SUPPORT—This team is for crew members with three or more years of experience on the 3-Day Crew who are ready to step in wherever needed. Tasks you may be asked to do include but not limited to: pit stop support, assisting with Ceremonies, helping to manage shuttle transport, assisting with a relocation and serving as extra route safety. Lift 10-40 lbs and must attend the driver training session at the All-Crew Kick-Off.

ROUTE SUPPORT— Requires consistent heavy lifting. Loads and delivers water, sports drinks and ice to pit stops and grab & gos and removes all waste materials from the site. Must be able to drive a 15 ' truck (no special license needed, except a valid driver's license). Redistributes supplies as needed, and picks up excess supplies as the route closes for the day. Lift 50 lbs. Must attend drivers training session at the All-Crew Kick-Off.

ROUTE SAFETY— This team is on either a bicycle or motorcycle. You must be an experienced cyclist or have a motorcycle license to be part of this team. Each member is responsible for bringing their own bicycle or motorcycle and being prepared to repair it when necessary. Everyone on this crew must wear a helmet. Patrols the route to ensure safety; will be stationed at intersections or where traffic may be an issue. Involves standing for long periods of time.

PIT STOP, GRAB & GO, LUNCH— Requires periods of heavy lifting. First to leave camp in the morning and works throughout the day. Sets up and runs one of the pit stops along the route, which provides water and sports drinks. Lift 30-50 lbs.

ROUTE MARKING— Advance Team. Requires a full four-day commitment. Work on this team begins Thursday morning. Requires a Thursday night stay in camp. Marks route with directional signage, picks up signage after route has closed each day, and repairs signage as needed. Must be able to drive an event minivan and walk 3 - 4 miles per day. Lift 20-30 lbs. Must attend drivers training on Thursday morning.

SWEEP— Drives passenger vans and picks up walkers between pit stops with fatigue or medical problems; transports them to nearest pit stop. Both members in each sweep vehicle must drive and must be able to get in and out of van quickly. Lift 20-30 lbs. Must attend drivers training session at the All-Crew Kick-Off.

Medical Teams

MEDICAL— Must be licensed/certified in the state the event takes place. Doctors, PAs, NPs, RNs, LVNs/LPNs and EMTs (Basic and Paramedic) to provide medical assistance and evaluation for minor injuries. Must provide proof of insurance, license, and certification/specialized degree and a current CPR card.

SPORTS MEDICINE— Must provide proof of certification or student status in the state the event takes place. Athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors to provide services related to the prevention, evaluation, and management of minor injuries.

Other Teams

YOUTH CORPS LEADER — The Youth Corps is a great service learning opportunity for young people (ages 10-16) to participate in and experience the role of a crew member for the entire event. This team consists of 1 adult leader per 5 youth members. This posting is for a leader position. As a Youth Corps Leader, you will work closely with the Youth Corps Captain to ensure the team’s guidance in the months leading up to the event and also directly oversee this youth team during the event weekend. This position is selected via an interview process, and is not available to choose on the crew assignment form. If you are interested in being a Youth Corps leader, contact your Crew & Volunteer Coordinator. Select a different crew assignment for now, and then if you are selected for the Youth Corps we will switch your assignment. Youth Corps leaders must be able to lift 20-30 lbs, be willing to drive a 12-person van and must attend drivers training session at the All-Crew Kick-Off.