Be a Volunteer

If you don’t have time to commit to walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, you can still make an impact and be More Than Pink.

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If you would like to be notified when new volunteer opportunities become available, please subscribe to the Volunteer Bulletin. It’s an email newsletter that delivers important volunteer information and will keep you aware of new opportunities as they are announced.

On-event volunteer opportunities will be posted once crew registration is full for that Komen 3-Day event (or approximately 45 days prior to the event, if crew registration does not fill). Because of the incredible volunteer support we enjoy, many of our volunteer positions fill up within one week after being announced in the Volunteer Bulletin.

Participant Finish Area Opportunities


Volunteer opportunities on the final day of the event include: Concierge/Volunteer Check-in, Pit Stop Support, Victory T-shirt Distribution, Traffic Control & Shuttle, Hydration Station and Gear Retrieval. Please note that volunteers will not be able to see the Closing Ceremony as they will be busy helping the walkers in the Participant Finish Area and then breaking down and cleaning up the Participant Finish Area as the walkers proceed into the Closing Ceremony.

To search for volunteer opportunities currently available, click here to visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.

Age Requirements

Volunteer opportunities have differing requirements.

  • Participant Finish Area Volunteers (If under 18, must submit minor consent form)
    • Victory T-Shirt Distribution: 10+ with adult
    • Gear Retrieval: 14+
    • Concierge/Volunteer Check-In: 18+
    • Pit Stop Support: 10+ with adult
    • Traffic Control & Shuttle: 18+
    • Participant Finish Area Breakdown Team: 14+
  • Campsite Volunteers: 18+
  • Route Volunteers: 18+
  • Day Volunteer Medical: 18+ with proper licensure
  • Event Vehicle Returns: 21+ with proper licensure

3-Day participant age requirements are:

  • Walker: 16+
  • 20-Mile Walker: 16+
  • Crew: 18+
  • Youth Corps: 10-16

Volunteer Groups


We welcome all groups of volunteers for our Participant Finish Area and in camp. Please contact a Crew & Volunteer Coordinator if you would like to gather a group of friends, family or co-workers to volunteer with you.