Sample Thank You Letters

Repeat Walker, version 2

Dear [Name],

My walk was 3 weeks ago, and Trish and I loved every minute of it. Now it’s high time for me to properly acknowledge the beautiful outpouring of support you showed me. Your generosity helped me raise $14,525. Altogether, the 2,000 Susan G. Komen San Diego 3-Day participants raised more than $5.7 million!

The funds raised have helped Susan G. Komen®‘s mission to save lives from breast cancer, by investing more than $1 billion in breakthrough research and more than $2.3 billion to support people and communities most at risk through programs to provide access to screening, treatment assistance, patient navigation and education. So please know that your money is going directly to the people who will benefit from it most.

In my 3rd year of walking, there were 3 things that made it different than the others: 1. I raised more money than ever. I even exceeded my goal by more than $1K!

2. You have always been wonderfully supportive of my endeavor, but this year I felt an exceptional amount of love with every donation. It’s not easy to ask people to donate, especially year after year. In fact, it can be downright awkward. But I had so many new donors this year. And so many contributions came with encouraging messages thanking me for walking—I can’t tell you how wonderful it made me feel!

3. This year’s walk was more challenging physically than ever before. That’s code for “It was freaking HARD!” Despite all my training, I got blisters and for the first time, had to start my days in the medical tent getting my feet prepped. I also had pretty intense IT Band pain (I didn’t even know what an IT Band was until this walk). Overall, I was feeling my age. I was also feeling tremendous respect for the vast number of women and men far older than me who walked—to say nothing of those walkers who are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Before I share some of my favorite moments from the walk, I want to take one more opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for helping me honor my friends, thank you for making this such a beautiful and rewarding experience, and thank you for supporting a cause that has touched so many of us. To that point, here is the shirt I wore on my last day, which lists my donors (in white) and their loved ones affected by breast cancer (in pink). It took my breath away to see the final result, but also made me that much more honored to participate in this life-affirming, life-changing event.

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