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We need serious Tax Reform, Scrap the Code!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you to follow-through on the House's plan to pass real, broad tax reform policies this year. Our current tax system is burdensome and overly complex. In 2011, Americans spent more than 6 billion hours complying with federal tax laws, and as the nearly 4-million-word tax code continues to expand, those hours will only go up.

Tax compliance isn't just costly for American families, it imposes a heavy toll on businesses both large and small. On top of that, our corporate income tax rates are the highest in the industrialized world, making us less competitive in the global market. Special interest favors in the tax code pick winners and losers and while encouraging dangerous crony capitalism. High taxes on investments cause pain for retirees and deprive our economy of much-needed capital. The death tax is a jobs-killer that hurts small businesses and family farms.

It's clear that our massive tax code is choking the engine of our economy and making financial life miserable for businesses and families alike. At a time when the jobless rate is persistently high and millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, we shouldn't continue to make taxes such a massive stumbling block to growth and success. The tax system is hopelessly broken. To jump start our economy in the new year, it's time to scrap the code!

Please work to make the tax laws fairer, simpler, and flatter for everyone.

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