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No More Delays: It's Time to Cut Spending.


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No More Delays: It's Time to Cut Spending!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent I urge you to pursue honest, meaningful reductions in federal spending whenever and wherever possible. The fact is that we can't tax our way to prosperity. The numbers simply don't add up. Our deficit is so large that even aggressive tax hikes can't address the problem. New revenues in the "Fiscal Cliff" deal are already earmarked to fund more government programs, not to reduce our $16 trillion national debt.

Washington's sky-high deficits are creating a profound drag on our economy. If we want to unleash the potential of American industries and entrepreneurs we need to get our fiscal house in order. And the only way to do that is through serious spending cuts, not simply a "slower rate of increase" in spending. Elected officials need to stop ignoring deadlines and procrastinating on the tough decisions that need to take place. In the near term, Congress should be able to agree to cut the low-hanging fruit of wasteful programs and fraud. There are numerous opportunities to do so across every agency. In the not-too-long term, Congress needs to have an honest debate about how to responsibly reform entitlements like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, the true drivers of our debt.

Instead of racking up more debt to pay off the bills, Washington needs to cut up the credit cards and cut back, just like families across the country have done. This won't be easy and will require real leadership, but it's the job I elected you to do.

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