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Vote No on S. 954, the Fiscally Flawed Farm Bill


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Vote No on S. 954, the Fiscally Flawed Farm Bill

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent, I urge you oppose S. 954, the massive new Farm Bill, which is packed with new entitlements, favors to agribusiness, and unnecessary spending.

Among the biggest handouts to a sector with well-above-average incomes is the new "Shallow Loss" Program. Although it purports to be merely a safety net, this scheme actually locks in returns on commodities at record-high prices and would cost taxpayers billions, if prices return to normal.

Unfortunately, the new Shallow Loss Program is just one worrisome part of the Farm Bill and its massive price tag of nearly a trillion dollars over nine years. Three-quarters of the legislation's funding is devoted to social welfare initiatives like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which duplicates ongoing government efforts and needs an overhaul of its own. Programs like the Dairy Market Stabilization Program resurrect Soviet-era price-control policies that would increase prices for consumers and hurt dairy producers. The Market Access, Catfish Inspection, and Sugar programs should have been on the chopping block long ago, yet persist despite wasting taxpayer dollars and hurting job growth. The bill is also packed with giveaways to the green energy and ethanol industries, with $193 million for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program and another $241 million for the Rural Energy for America Program.

Taken as a whole, this legislation is a far cry from the free-market reforms that would allow farming to flourish, give consumers a fair shake, and protect taxpayers from excessive spending. Instead, it would create continued dependency on the federal government and taxpayer funds, drive up land and food prices, and hurt the very same small farmers that backers of the bill claim to be helping.

Please stop the unnecessary and economically harmful spending and focus on real reforms that save taxpayers money, like ending subsidies to corporate farms and repealing the death tax. But first, be sure to vote "No" on the Farm Bill.

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