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It's Our Chance at Last to Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment!

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No More Delays: It's Time to Cut Spending.

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Washington doesn't have a revenue problem it has a spending problem! Take action and tell Congress we need to stop out-of-control spending.

Stop the Internet Sales Tax!

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Harry Reid is trying to ram a controversial Internet sales tax bill through the Senate. Take Action to tell your Senators: No! Do not scrap constitutional precedent to allow taxation across borders!

Take a stand - Don't let the IRS silence us!

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The IRS is considering a new rule that would stifle the free speech of 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, including NTU. Don't let the IRS silence us!

Tax Reform, Scrap the Code!

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We need serious, across-the-board tax reform to re-energize our economy and help our families prosper. Tell Congress: Scrap the Code!

Tell Congress: Pass the Internet Tax Freedom Act

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The clock is ticking. Congress will vote this week on whether you can continue to enjoy freedom from discriminatory Internet taxation. Contact your Congressman today and tell them to support the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act!

Tell Harry Reid to Keep it Clean - Pass a "Clean" Permanent Internet Tax

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The House just passed a critical bill to stop Internet access taxes. Please tell the Senate to act immediately without attaching any harmful tax schemes.

Vote No on S. 954, the Fiscally Flawed Farm Bill

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America's farmers don't need taxpayer funded subsidies and handouts, they need real reforms and less burdensome government. Help stop the Farm Bill, today!

Voters Oppose Internet Sales Tax

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Voters have made it clear, they oppose internet sales tax schemes, but Washington has yet to get the message. Take action, today!