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Whether it's the way you felt after you finished reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, hearing her at President Clinton's inauguration, your favorite quote, or just expressing gratitude for her incredible life's work, we invite you to share your favorite memories of Maya Angelou. Please take a moment and pay tribute to this phenomenal woman's life, her work, and her legacy.

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Tiffany, Denton, MD
Dr. Maya Angelou was such an influential inspiration that's given courage and will continue to have a positive influence for years to come. She's left a remarkable trail of witty wisdom and a keen sense of humor that's touched us all in a loving way :)

Jovian, New York, NY
I'll never forget sharing Thanksgivings at your home and this insightful quote that has anchored my life, "People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel"

Stephanie, Yonkers, NY
The finest Sage of a Woman you were. Your voice and many talents touched so many. Thanks for all the inspiration. You will be missed, and ALWAYS remembered. Peace Beautiful!

Iris, Oakland, CA
There is so much beauty and wisdom in all of Maya Angelou's writings, but Phenomenal Woman and And Still I Rise are very personal for me. On first hearing each of them I felt so proud to be a Black woman and proud to share that bond with my sisters.

Monalisa, Hawthorne, CA
Dr. Angelou is a literary treasure and a grand woman who will forever influence my role as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and ultimately as a human being. I recall reading The Heart of a Woman in the 90s and being in awe with her genuineness.

Nadine, Bronx, NY
She is a wonder, and remains a wonder forever. Ms. Angelo remains a mother and a teacher, a friend to us all. She is one who holds your hand when you need someone to listen and understand.

Sarah, Bronx, NY
I recited Ms. Angelou's poem "I Rise" in 1995 at a Black History Program and again in 2011 at a Senior's Program. She has left a great legacy for girls and women of every culture in the world to follow. Rest in Peace.

Sharon, Jamaica, NY
Maya Angelou took the risk of the telling the truth to a world that was not ready for truth. She mothered many children by her books and poems to a generation of motherless children. RIP a job well done.

LaVette, Washington, DC
I really enjoyed Maya as a Black Woman, Author and Poet.

Joyce, Aurora, CO
I would like to share my gratitude to Mrs. Maya Angelou, who was an incredible poet. She made one see life through her eyes and her poetry. She will be missed, and her Poetry cherished. A great Lady she was.. Condolences to her family.

Carla, Bronx, NY
Knowing that Ms. Angelou was a teen parent who moved forward & succeeded inspire me. The Poem"Phenomenal Woman" assist me in teaching the teen parents in LYFE how Beautiful & Phenomenal they are.

Katrina, New York, NY
Thank you Dr. Angelou for living your life so that God could and indeed use you to make a dfference in our lives. I am forever changed and grateful that you lived out loud.

Marian, Bronx, NY
I have been an avid reader of Ms. Angelou's work for decades. I also want to point out that she was memorable at President Obama's inauguration. I will forever blessed to have been touched by her.

S., Saint Petersburg, FL
Your books were an inspiration to me and I shall cherish them forever. Words are powerful and you certainly had the wisdom and understood their power. Thank you for your gifts of poetry and literature.

Leslie, NY
This country has lost one of the best. A great lady who had wisdom beyond all others. RIP

Gayle, Plainfield, NJ
I have read the book 3x and I will always love the book "I know why the caged bird sings". It is a book of love, tolerance and perseverance.

Lynn, Erie, CO
The first time I heard her read one of her poems, I felt as if I had finally come home. I will so miss her continued words of wisdom ... what an amazing woman. Her equal only appears, I think, once in a lifetime ....

Rhonda, Philadelphia, PA
Because of you, Ms. Maya Angelou, I am a better human being. I always try to move through life as as a positive, motivating person in the life of family and friends. I pass your torch of inspiration to my 19 year old daughter Imani Z.

Arlene, New York, NY
There is no end to what GOD can do, and will do. A full and wonder-filled life was shared with us all. May GOD receive the Glory and our heartfelt appreciation given to Maya for accepting and living into her promise.

Sharon, Bartow, FL

Jean, Bronx, NY
God Bless, may her spirit live on "Phenomenally"

Cynthia, Freeport, NY
Amazing woman with amazing words, thoughts, & views. Blessed to have witnessed the beauty!! Thank you Maya Angelou!! You will be sorely missed, but will live on in your writings, seminars & interviews. Thank you again!!

Caroline, Leesburg, GA
Maya Angelou was a great woman, a great historian & a great role model for many in this life. I thank God for her & all the knowledge & hope & joy & entertainment she gave life...
Lady T.

Almeta, Laurelton, NY
Thank God for this beautiful life! From her life I learned so much about how to live mine as a loving, humble servant of mankind.

Ruqaiyah, Fort Lee, NJ
The very first time that I was Dr. Maya Angelou was in my mid teens. She was dancing and singing at the Apollo Theatre right after she arrived from Ghana. I was in absolute awe! My friend and I imitated her for months after that show.

Beverly, Bronx, NY
After being bless by Ms. Angelou's full life, I marveled at her strong constitution and fortitude - for me, by her gracious examples proves God's blessings are renewed every morning!

Martha, Saint Lucia
My friend Carol and I did a session on self empowerment with women in the town of Soufriere, Saint Lucia. We recited 'Phenomenal Woman'. I never forgot that activity.

Dolores, New York, NY
I will miss the many opportunities to be in Maya's presence but her spirit will always be within.

Raymond, Swarthmore, PA
look for the commonality in all people

Darryl, Dallas, TX
Thanks to you, I know better and I DO BETTER!

Celia, New York, NY
Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou! Know that your actions and words (AND how they made us feel) will continue to inspire us to be kind to ourselves and each other, to recognize that we are more alike than different, and to love life every moment of every day!

Ron, Chelsea, MA
My Queen..Truely, A "Phenomenal" Women!

Ida, New York, NY
She was a great Lady I just finished reading her book MOM andMe and MOM.the day before she passed away . I'm passing my books to my grand daughters they are 8 and 11. So they may also know her.

Linda, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou IS and ALWAYS will be PHENOMENAL!!!! I remember singing a solo at the SUGAR BAR, Maya gave me a proud look once I step down from the stage. I'll never forget. You will be missed.
Lady T.

Anne, White Plains, NY
I was introduced to Dr. Angelou, just prior to a performance at SUNY purchase. I requested my favorite poem! At the end of her program, Dr. Maya announced that she was closing with a special dedication of "STILL I RISE" for her sister Anne!!!

Sue, New York, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou was a True Woman Of greatness. Her Legacy will continue into our future for our upcoming Youth to BELIEVE, ACHIEVE & SUCCEED!

Priscilla, Yonkers, NY
Thank you Maya for sharing yourself with the world. She was my mother, sister and friend though her beautiful words. When I read " I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" , I was a growing teen and became hooked on reading.

Michelle, Fairfield, OH
Maya Angelou is one of the rare and special women who saved my life. She's my Mother. My dear friend. My best and favorite teacher. She has comforted me through the years and I am bereft that her voice is now silenced; grateful to have had her at all.

Rosamond, New York, NY
Maya Angelou will always be remembered for her writings and inspirations that she gave to others.Her memories will always live on with others. my favorite Author, thanks for your teaching that you gave to us.

Geraldine, Staten Island, NY
She was a writing Angel to me. She inspired me to read when I wasn't a reader, Now I'm a reader. I will forever be greatful to you and the delicated of your life to mankind. You did a Phermorial job. I love you Maya rest in peace. roll with the dust.

Darlene, Bronx, NY
My prayers go out to her family and friends. She was a true Legend and a wonderful woman, whom seemed to be filled with so much love for her fellow women and men. She made a great impression on my soul.
Peace and Love

Laila, New York, NY
This past Women's Hx Month, my org. R.I. Women's Health org. honored elders in the community. I recited sister Angelou's 'Phenomenal Woman" not only illuminating her fascinating style as a writer, but showcasing her beauty as a woman.

Don, Brooklyn, NY

Rebecca, New York, NY
Life and death are in the power of the tongue (and pen) to overcome every obstacle and ugly thing! Madam Angelou showed us how!!

Ramatu, Bronx, NY
Auntie Maya, you have taught us to be good people. The wind spreads the news of you taking a long nap. You will be missed. But your words will continue to shape the world long after your departure. Sleep in peace.

Curlina, Brooklyn, NY
We have lost a great leader. She was one of my role models. May her soul RIP.

Gloria, New York, NY
Dr. Angelou stands out as one of the world's best poets, writers, thinkers and speakers. She has left a treasury of work that will withstand the test of time.

Alexis, Harlem, NY
All of her books and poetry moved me but the Caged Bird was so powerful because as a caged bird sings for its freedom is so symbolic for African-Americans who for so long was caged but sung our sprituals and songs for freedom in these United States. RIP

Elizabeth, Far Rockaway, NY
I will forever be grateful that I read as a African American young woman, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings".

Evelyn, Austin, TX
Maya Angelou lived her life to the fullest and when you think about it, that's all God calls on us to do.

Earnestine, Lewisville, TX
Thanks for teaching all of us to really LOVE one another in all stages/phases of our lives and I can really say "I Call Your Name"!!!!

MJ, Seattle, WA
For child rape victims, Maya's voice empowered all of us to stand strong and persevere over the most painful of obstacles! Her life's journey gave many the vision to see beyond our current horizons believing God has a purpose for us all.

Patricia, New York, NY
While working at the New York City Board of Education, I participated as a worker/parent and recited the Phenomenal Woman and as I read the words to the audience, I had my son, Troy, who was a student at the time stand by me as I looked into his eyes.

Carole, Brooklyn, NY
The world is a better place because of Soror Maya Angelou of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. As our honorary member she enriched our lives with her words. Rest in peace Soror Angelou.

The essence of beauty inside and out.

Jeanette, Teaneck, NJ
I remember meeting her at the McDonald's Literary Awards gala when I was a poetry judge, and welcoming her to CCNY as a recipient of our Langston Hughes medal when I was a member of the planning committee. She was a wonderful inspiration to us all

Elizabeth, New York, NY
Maya Angelou inspired me to share with others and to reach back into Africa to make a difference and perhaps let others know that you have Hope and nothing is impossible with Christ.

Charles, Brooklyn, NY
Strong Black Queen who paved the way for other Black Queens to follow in her Footsteps ...

Pamela, Lake Charles, CA
"Beauty and strength can be found in diversity." Something that we should always remember and live. I will miss her physical presence. I will remember her words, and what she stood for always. A woman to emulate....

Denise, Rosedale, NY
Maya Angelou's lyrical outpouring of thoughts and feelings have always been a comfort to me; a warm, safe, familiar place. She will live on in my spirit forever.

Ruchelle, New York, NY
Dr. Angelou,
You were such a phenomenal woman! Thanks for being an inspiration to women! Because of you, I'll remember that whatever the circumstance, "Still I Rise!"

Mo, New York, NY
Dr. Angelou, you have brought perpetual grace, finesse, dignity, pride and professionalism, to all aspects of American Literature. I have risen from dark experiences to the Crystal Hall of Light... from your work.

Doris, Alexandria, VA
Ms. Maya,
Phenomenal Woman! Renaissance Woman! Thank you for being you and inspiring me to be me. I will never forget how you made me feel!

Elvea, Brooklyn, NY
The heavens are rejoicing with open arms and joyous voitces. Ms. Angelou was our conscience and our truth; clear and purposeful and full of love and beauty. A writer for the ages. I will miss hearing that melodious voice so crisp and clear and honest.

Jaye, New York, NY
What an irreplaceable loss of such a Phenomenal Woman. Her words and works will live on in our history and in our hearts forever.

Karen, New York, NY
I was Maya's personal limousine driver many years ago, and will never forget the conversations, shared wisdom and genuine kindness of this phenomenal woman. My heart is sad, however, the memories will forever be warm at the mere thought of her.

Vernesa, Bronx, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou has graced us with her poise and literary excellence. She is a true spirited soul, and her words will live within our hearts and minds for eternity! Love You Maya!

John, New York, NY
I was at a reading by Maya Angelou and hoped to get some of her books signed. She wasn't signing that night but someone suggested I send them to her in N.C. I did and they came back to me beautifully inscribed.
What a thoughtful,beautiful person!!

Titus, Bronx, NY
The earth has shared a great light which reflected the sun! Long may her spirit remind us of graciousness, hope & love. Gone but purpose fulfilled!

Dorcas, Bronx, NY
Many years ago I started reading Dr. Angelou's books and was touched by how her words could draw you in and make you feel like you were part of what was taking place. Her insperation and humanity will be missed. Peace, Love, & Light. forever.

Rochelle, Long Beach, CA
RIP the phenomenal woman, you will be missed. May God bless you and your family. You made God proud.

Gwendolyn, Chicago, IL
It's already very lonely down here without her...

Josephine, Washington, DC
I remember with gratitude Maya Angelou's annual attendance for many years at the fundraiser for Maya Angelou Public Charter School in Wash, DC. Students shared their poetry and Dr. Angelou inspired the audience of students and adults with her poetry.

Allen, Bronx, NY
I was Maya's personal limousine driver many years ago, and will never forget the conversations, shared wisdom and genuine kindness of this phenomenal woman. My heart is sad, however, the memories will forever be warm at the mere thought of her.

Philip, Barbados
Sister Maya has joined Our Noble Ancestors to continue the holistic liberation of Afrikan Peoples at Home and in the Diaspora. The Caged Bird is now Free to rise to Spiritual Heights.

Su, Nairobi
Mentor, woman of substance. RIP

Angelitta, West Chester, PA
Dr. Angelou came to Cheyney University two years ago during my sophomore year. I had the honor of listening to her rendition of Langston Hughes' "Harlem Sweetie," she also recited "The Health-Food Diner," which always makes me l

Alexis, Bronx, NY
My dream is for Dr. Maya Angelou is that the last breath she exhaled travels to one of our Youth that will inhale her legacy and continue her work through their talents and treasures. God Blessed Us with her "The Best Gift of All!"

Sarah, Trenton, NJ
Ms Maya, was an inspiration to me. I never knew anyone other than Ms Maya, who had the same wisdom that my Mother instilled me. I'm so grateful and appreciative of her life, the books she wrote, poetry she sang in heart. RIP Ms Maya Angeleou.

On the passing of Dr. Maya Angelou I feel as though a kindred spirit has left this earth. The very emotions I experienced when my own mother passed away.

Marie, Queens Village, NY
I had the honor of meeting Author Maya Angelou at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture during a Harlem Book Fair event organized by Max Rodriguez, its Founder. I teach Maya Angelou every semester in my classes. Dr. Marie Linton Umeh.

Rosalie, Sanford, FL
I heard her at President Clinton's inauguration. She was awesome!!!!

Ingrid, St. Albans, NY
I thank God for having had the experience of being in the presence of Dr. Maya Angelou live, several times in my life. Her words make me strong and they speak what I feel and need. I can only be a better person because she lived.

Shahidah, New York, NY
Dr. Angelou has influenced my life since my mid teens. She's always been one of the elder's faces I see watching me when I'm choosing what to do next in my life...right there with my parents and mentors. God give her Paradise, amen.

Donna, Laurelton, NY
Phenomenal woman, you will be missed!

Beatrice, Burke, VA
Dr. Angelou spoke my language through her zest for life's loveliness, her words and presence, whether through her books, hearing her first-hand at President Clinton's inauguration and devouring every word, or catching a glimpse of her on TV.

Ros, Queens, NY
I thank God for Ms. Maya and her legacy. Her works remain inspirational,timeless and loved. Her Spirit lives forever, phenomenonally!

Clarence, Harlem, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou will remain an inspiration to generations. We are fortunate to share this space and time with a golden spirit.

Aminifu, Durham, NC
Maya Angelo, such a great person. Of course she tremendous as a poet, singer, author, activist, teacher and dancer. But most of all she is a model for all of us in maximizing our God given gifts.

Vivian, New York, NY
Somewhere in my huge collection of books, I have an autographed copy of "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". I'll keep looking for the book, find it, then pass it on to my family. I'm elated that I actually met Maya Angelou in person!!!!

Rebecca, Elmont, NY
I thank God and horned to have lived and share this world with you for your scripts and voice will echo sweetly through out years without end.

P.J., Harlem, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou was a scholarly lyricist. We must remember her significant contributions to the literary world, culture, and society. Her eloquent voice paved the road for our future. Our ancestors are celebrating Dr. Angelou's arrival!

Don, Atlanta, GA
Maya was a great friend, mentor, & inspiration to me as a young Southerner in New York, both while I was attending NYU Film School and afterwards. Her first words to me, at my 21st Birthday Party: "You dance pretty well for a white boy!"

Frances, New York, NY
Great lady and inspirational to a lot of people, especially me.

Jacqueline, Brooklyn, NY
In 1969 in a small, cramped storefront at a reading of "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" on Nostrand Avenue, Bedford-Stuyvesant, I listened to and was warmly hugged by the beautiful Maya Angelou and became a forever fan.

Ross, Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou is and always will be an enormous inspiration to. I was fortunate to be introduced to her body of work early in my life. Thank you Dr. Angelou for the wonderful gift you gave to the world.....and that Gift was...YOU

Rahimah, East Orange, NJ
So blessed by her warmth and love for us all. My daughter and I met her at an event at the schomburg and when I shared the triumph of raising 4 children as a single mom, she insisted on taking at photo with us and that we stand up straight for the shot.

Denise, Philadelphia, PA
Maya Angelou was in my eyes like a mother to me. I read her writings, listened to her speak and took her advice as if she were speaking directly to me. Her passing still hurts. I feel I have lost a close family member, whom I never had a chance to meet.

Dr. Maya inspired me TO RISE!!!

Edna, New Haven, CT
Mia truly was a wonderful phenominal and inspirational woman for all to hold through out eternity dear at heart.

Dina, New York, NY
You have been a gracious and wonderful mother, sister, friend and mentor to all women. We send you on your way with all the love we have to give. Thank you for gracing our stage.

David, Philadelphia, PA
A true Black diaspora griot icon, was there for and with Malcolm and Martin and always fortifying our African souls ! Please all.. remember her and beat her drum ... holla her legacy to our youth to Be true to self and reach back...Rest In Peace Maya!

Lois, New York, NY
I saw her in person and spoke to her. She had spotted me first and I was truly honored. She was really the phenomenal woman!!! Her light is still shining

Nia, New York, NY
One of our great visionaries are welcomed home! The main reason why I am not sad but happy is because a great spirit was with us for so long. She helped paint our world with so much that all that I can feel is an immense sense of gratitude!

Iona, Spring Valley, NY
Maya has been and will continue to be my most celebrated communicator.
I remember having the opportunity to speak and touch her in the flesh at an event, but feeling like I was in the presence of royalty; did neither. Wish I had embraced her at least.

Yves, Paris, France
Maya Angelou
your generation is not mine but history of your fights (in U.S.A. and somewhere else in the world) will stay in our memory

Vincent, Pocono Summit, PA
I sat down this morning and read her poems and looked at the interviews. I also watched "They the caged bird doesn't sing". I am Blessed to have listened to her WIISDOM, but SAD to see the SUNSET.........

Derrick, Harlem, NY
They cast the perfect woman to play Kunta Kinte's grandmother in "ROOTS"! Dr. Maya was a "grand mother" to so many of us (Black, White and all)! #phenomenal

Gladys, Jamaica, NY
I was very young when I read "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" and being a Baptist reared in the South it gave me a better understanding of the church and why some people behavior was different on Sunday or at church. I never forgot that book.

Malikah, Jamaica, NY
Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for being one of those who showed us how to care for ourselves and others. You showed us how to be a friend, a supported. Your words have provided us with much to think about.

Tony, South Plainfield, NJ
When Dr Angelou spoke at the Schomburg when former Mayor Dinkins was honored. She was amazing.

Willena, New York, NY
Not only was Maya Angelou "a phenomenal woman she was a "beautiful spirit." She was like a Mother to many. Some she knew and many she never met. My favorite "And Still I Rise." There will never be another "Maya."

Gerry, New York, NY
There are a few people you may never meet, but have a great impact upon your life. Dr. Maya's voice, husky, yet feminine, falling like rain upon cotton on my ear. Words, she spoke words from a once stifled voice, came healing , challenging words.

Yvonne, Dayton, OH
I had the honor of seeing Dr. Angelou in person twice! Her voice was so full of dignity. She was truly a "Phenomenal Woman" whose voice will continue to rise.

Alfred, Brunswick, NJ
For all her Phenomenal positive and encouraging words, words that would leave something for you to think about for years. When she was asked to describe God she replied my ALL. GOD is my everything. Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou.

Viquita, Brooklyn, NY
It's actually in the movie I know why the cage bird sings was the image of her and Baily being shipped off to their grandmothers house that image along with the poem alone struck me as a youth and it stills gives me chills today.

Tawn, Queens Village, NY
Dr. Angelou, was an amazing woman! She was my Auntie in my head lol. She is an American treasure, and will be greatly missed. I guess I have to scratch meeting her off my bucket list.

Valerie, Brooklyn, NY
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings had in me in tears as I reread the book that illustrates pages of my life. Her inspiration and pains helped me to move forward with courage and dignity. Dr. Maya Angelou was the symbol of courage. RIP Phenomenal woman!

Enrique, Jamaica, NY
She made me think!
Thank You Ms. Angelou we will meet again since some of us believe in the eternity of life...

Merolyn, New York, NY
I was blessed to her Maya speak of the rainbow that God put in the sky to remind us that at all times, in the worst or best of times that we can see the possibility of HOPE.Using that to describe a Library was brilliant.

Wihelmena, Brooklyn, NY
In the midst of all we say and do we will always remember you as the phenomenal woman of our time. When the wind whispers we will listen for the voice who brought us so much with a passion, in her own fashion. Maya Angelou thank you for your legacy.

Walidah, Brooklyn, NY
My favorite quote is when she speaks of having the courage to love and then love again! Dr. Angelou is the reason I called my son Maya for the first 7 months of my pregnancy, because I just new I would have a baby girl! Rest well!

Lucille, Columbia, MD
Dr. Angelou and her work have been a part of my world since childhood. My mother, poet Lucille Clifton and Maya were good friends and truly respected each other as writers, women, African-Americans and mothers. Dr. Angelou's contributions are infinite.

Holly, Fleetwood, NY
She taught us how to heal and how to let love rule.

Ona, Brooklyn, NY
This is an honor to say, Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for your inspiring poetry, books, lectures,activist events and other God given gifts that you left for this world. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace.

Kathryn, Chicago, IL
I write from your inspiration. I write from your pain, your triumphs, your sorrow and your joy. I too have shared some of the same experiences. Thank you for freeing me to see that I too am a phenomenal woman. Thank you my angel, Mama Angelou.

Laura, Montclair, NJ
We are all most fortunate to have experienced the universe with Dr. Maya Angelou. She was courageous, told the truth and taught us to love who we are. May her example touch many generations to come. Wow, what a life she lived.

Laura, New York, NY

Dianne, Staten Island, NY
The galaxy has another brilliant star and we on earth will miss her terribly!

Bernice, Bronx, NY
Maya Angelou words pulled at my heartstrings and brought out every emotion. I will miss the gifts she shared with any and all who were brave enough to listen.
Thank You Ms. Angelou we will meet again since some of us believe in the eternity of life...

Rubi, Smyrna, GA
This wonderful lady will always be in my heart because of her love in sharing and the fantastic literary pieces she has contributed to our society.

Florine, Jamaica, NY
We are better off today because Maya was
in our lives. Our Queen Mother taught us
that it truly does "take a village." She
loved us in word and deed. As a result,
"I know why the Caged Bird Sings." R.I.P.

I first saw Maya on a local TV show hosted
by Irv Kupcinet in Chicago in 1970. I was so
impressed with the interview that I told my husband if I ever have a
daughter her name will be Maya Angelou. My Maya Angelou
was born in
May 1975.

Patricia, Brooklyn, NY
What a warrior! So proud yet humble. So determined. She kept her eyes on the prize for herself and for all of us.

Takada, Brooklyn, NY

Maureen, Queens, NY
A treasure has passed leaving all humanity a legacy to carry on. It is an honor to have lived to hear her words and see her beauty.

Linda, Bronx, NY
As a young black girl in the Bronx in jr high school I first read I know why the caged bird sings. It opened up the world of black literature. I enjoyed her stories the most. They took me around the world with her. God bless her soul.

Janie, El Cerrito, CA
I miss her, I will remember her grace, intellect, warmth, beauty and most of all her humor. We are so lucky to have had in our lives to give us courage to carry on. Thank You, Dr. Angelou.

Alexis, Saint Albans, NY
We are all better because of her life. She personified humanity and so eloquently gave it a voice. She truly touched so many lives. I have a little note sent to me & signed by Maya Angelou.

Donna, Monroe, NY
My condolences to Dr. Angelou's family. My most memorable experience of Dr. Angelou was at a barbeque. I was with my fiancee, Dr Angelou spoke about the love she saw between us, and gave us her blessings. We are now married with her blessings.

T.M., Brooklyn, NY
Currently working on a Portrait of Dear Maya with the "Phenomenal Woman" poem in the background. Truly an (honor) to pay tribute to this more than worthy *SOUL...

Ricky, Tustin, CA
I heard Maya over at Chapman University about 3 years ago at a Black History month celebration. She was awesome even at age 83.
We will all get to hear her live again in heaven if we live right down here on earth.
RIP Maya!
Ricky Martin

Kate, Bronx, NY
Saw Maya last yr where she signed "JOY" in her book "Mom & Me & Mom" which i gave my mom for mom's day. When she spoke she began saying, "WORDS" & paused; so profound, in awe!

Anthony, Columbia, SC
A great woman who has been an admiral role model to many. She will be missed immensely. Her energy will never die!

Hopal, Brooklyn, NY
Maya Angelou is my favorite author, her work has thought me a great deal. My two favorite poems are phenomenal woman & I rise. Miss Angelou though me that it's ok to be me; a PHENOMENAL woman. The has lost a GREAT TREASURE.

Carolyn, North Syracuse, NY
Thank you Dr.Maya Angelou from sharing your gifts what God gave you.

Julie-Ann, New York, NY
I especially loved listening to her interviews which will live on.. She was grace personified....

Clarence, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you Maya for your inspiring writings.

Patricia, Jamaica, NY
In 1975 I was standing near Cramton Auditorium at Howard University when I heard "Your braids are beautiful." I looked up to see it was Ms. Maya Angelou. I thanked her, and recall how I felt. She didn't know me, but she spoke to my heart.

Jennifer, Montclair, NJ
We are all most fortunate to have experienced the universe with Dr. Maya Angelou. She was courageous, told the truth and taught us to love who we are. May her example touch many generations to come. Wow, what a life she lived.

Amel, Bronx, NY
Dr. Angelou had a life essence like no other. Her grace and majestic voice always made me feel at ease and at peace. The news of her passing saddened me but I know she is resting comfortably having completed her legacy and life missions.

Jacqueline, Roosevelt, NY
Dr. Angelou was an inspiration to many. Because she shared so much with us through her written word, Dr. Angelou's voice will be heard forever. Phenomenal!

Karen, Bronx, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou personified what a Black woman should be, proud not arrogant, classy but not trashy, articulate and brilliant. Her life was an example to all of how to grow old gracefully but not fade away. RIP my dear sister.

Carla, Fayetteville, NC
In the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum, she sat and talked with people. I photographed her. Her regal carriage, poise, beauty and voice... Indeed, she is a phenomenal woman, a world treasure!! She touched my life! I will forever cherish her life lessons!

Dyanne, East Orange, NJ
Thank You Dr.Maya Angelou for sharing your God given gifts with the world.

Carole, Charlotte, NC
I was privileged to direct the Winston Salem State University's Maya Angelou Institute for the Improvement of Child and Family Literacy. I never met Dr. Angelou but I performed in that position only in ways that would make her proud.

Daphne, Bronx, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou was (as Wendy Williams would say) a mentor in my head. After reading "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" I knew I wanted HAD to pursue writing. My soul was stirred. May she rest peacefully.

Stanford, Long Beach, CA
Her prose brought us the courage to face the global humanity! She was a great believer in perseverance , patience, and the persistence to prevail!

Thyra, New York, NY
What an honor to have experienced so many panels, lectures, book talks, poetry readings, activist events and social celebrations with this phenomenal artist. Thank you, Maya Angelou for all of the gifts you left us. We will cherish them.

Baomi, Hayward, CA
You taught us to cherish the good, forgive the bad, recognizing the inherent scope of possibilities.
You possessed a farsightedness that engaged in visions; envisioning a future where all are one and better begets better.

Carla, Fayetteville, NC
In the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum, she sat and talked with people. I photographed her. Her regal carriage, poise, beauty and voice... Indeed, she is a phenomenal woman, a world treasure!! She touched my life! I will forever cherish her life lessons!

Folasade, Jonesboro, GA
There is one quote of Dr. Angelou's that I live by daily.
"The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."
Thank you.

Adriane, New York, NY
i just wish i had read more on Dr. Angelou. I had to share a speech on Mothers Day and I picked the Phenomial Women. As i began reading it my body started reacting to the words and i felt myself being a part of the Phenomial Women.

Adora, Bronx, NY
Maya Angelou was amongst my favorite poets. She gave life to her poems and literature. She gave me life with her words and I trusted her judgement. She will be greatly missed.

Kwasi, Bronx, NY
Thanks for being here.

Sarah, Greensboro, NC
Maya Angelou was perhaps the most gifted, inspiring, warmest, creative artists of our time. Her poems spoke the truth, as did her books and other artistic presentations. She was an authentic genius who handled her celebrity with grace and humility!

Joan, Washington, DC
Dr. Angelou grounded us in life with words that gave us wings. During the days of the Civil Rights movement she taught us that we could do more than just endure, we could thrive, even in the midst of the evils of segregation & racism.

Shirley, Buffalo, NY
Maya's poetry is one of the reasons I started Buffalo Urban Arts, Inc. To share Black voices of poetry throughtout the nation. I applaud you for starting something wonderul. And still I rise..

Margaret, New York, NY
Maya Angelou was like family to me. I entered her circle of friends when poet Quincy Troupe, now my husband, took me to lunch at her home in The Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, CA where she was living. She was always kind and gracious to me.

Carol, Larchmont, NY
Her words, her work, her wisdom...irreplaceable. I feel so honored and grateful to have been inspired by the gifts Maya Angelou gave us

Josephine, Bronx, NY
It was such a great honor to have met this great icon. I met Dr. Maya Angelou at Teachers College, Columbia University thru the Black Student Caucus. What a gracious and smart woman. She leaves a legacy that we can all share. R.I.P. We love ya.

Bakary, Brooklyn, NY
Your wisdom will continue to inspire us while your vision guiding our steps. Your words, by their tenor and scope, have been an abundant source of empowerment for me.
Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for enriching our lives.

Clara, New York, NY
Maya was an unique individual, her rhythmic words glide with truth, rawness and hope for us as Black people and people of the world. We must carry-on. let us not forget we are a people of endurance with the compliments of Maya- Let's not disappoint her.

Thomas, New York, NY
Maya Angelou was God's gift to the world. She lived, loved and forgave but she did not forget. She listened to her own heart and was guided by it for she believed love was the greatest power one could have.

Denise, Brooklyn, NY
Because of her and many others I am proud and aware of my complexion. Her word has and continues to be inspirational, moving, motivational and transformative. I celebrate your life and your accomplishments. Peace be with you

Sylvia, Englewood, NJ
What an amazing life! She was so inspirational for African American women. America has learned much from her.

Deirdre, New York, NY
Your words, wisdom, advocacy for equality, fearlessness, love of life, lover of humanity, pride in being a woman ..a PHENMONAL BLACK WOMAN has inspired and encouraged me. Thank you Maya Angelou- You will be missed.

Kathleen, New York, NY
Dr. Maya Angelou is gone to be with the King, I will remember her many literary accomplishments. (I know why the cage bird sings and Still I Rise) Thank You for all you gave as well inspired.

Infanta, Seattle, WA
The first opportunity to hear Maya Angelou speak arose at the annual Meeting of the National Medical Association in Texas (2006). Having Mrs. Angelou as the guest speaker reflected her diverse cultural appeal and contributions as a global icon.

Charmaine, Brooklyn, NY
Maya Angelou's passing is for me like one of those giant redwood trees falling and with it's falling the impact is sudden, and of earth shaking effect. I have lost someone who awed me as an author, speaker and as a fantastically amazing woman. MHSRIP.

N, Hackensack, NJ

Susan, New York, NY
Her four memoirs read like gorgeously elegant fiction, and give a history of the experience of latter 20st century African American women. They shaped a life-long interest in and commitment to and advocate for the literature of African American women.

Sylvia, New York, NY
Many yrs ago on what I thought was my worst time hope came in the form of a man all disheveled on 125th St. He saw my sadness, despair and quoted Phenomenal Woman to me. Those words gave me life and his eyes promise. He and Dr. Angelou were both God sent.

Pat, New York, NY
I read "All God's Children Should Wear Traveling Shoes" in 2010 while traveling to Ghana West Africa. I enjoyed reading about Maya's experiences when she lived in Ghana and at the same time I was exploring Ghana's rich culture.

Patricia, Washington, DC
I met Dr. Angelou in D.C. at a book signing, 1990s. To give her SOMETHING -- I wrote a poem.
Thank you for your writings
They have been like a good
Friend for many years.
Thank God for you and
Me. And, for this chance
To meet! THANK GOD!

Louis, Cambria Heights, NY

Robert, Chicago, IL
I have read and taught the works of Maya Angelou as a Principal of Chcago Sullivan HS,and as a University of Illinois Professor. I met her in Atlanta Georgia and told her how she inspired me as a Principal Teacher and Professor.

As a kid in England, she appeared on a British talk show, and she spoke about the man who got her pregnant when she was young. Never would have believed that such a deep thinker and humanitarian could be so hilarious! I never forgot it! RIP, Queen May

Clarice, New York, NY
Thank you Dr. Angelou, for helping me to walk tall and feel proud. Your good work will live in the hearts of people all around the world for always.

Sylvia, Brooklyn, NY
First and foremost - I extend my sincere condolences to the family; my favorite reading is "I know Why The Cage Sings" and is on my bestseller list, and I Rise because of Dr. Maya Angelou.

Shirley, New York, NY
She taught me to speak up for what I believed in, and value myself.
May she rest in peace.

Mark, Philadelphia, PA
She was an innovator and educator and most of all she gave us her smile, you will be truly missed. Philadelphia truly loves MAYA ANGELOU.

Terence, New York, NY
Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person Dr. Angelou.

Libbie, New York, NY
I've always loved this quote from Maya Angelou about kindness and legacy. I know I'll never forget her beautiful words and how they made me feel: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Jessica, Yorktown Heights, NY
RIP Maya Angelou. You will remain in our hearts forever!

Janice, Fair Lawn, NJ
Reading Maya Angelou's writing in my high school English class was transformative. I was incredibly moved by her words, and inspired to become a poet myself. I will miss you, Maya, but I am comforted knowing that your legacy lives on through your writing.

Shayla, Mt. Vernon, NY
To this day, no one can tell me that I'm not PHENOMENAL! Thank you Dr. Angelou.
"Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud."