Help Save the Sawmill Wetlands Education Area

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Help save a wetland area that the State already promised to protect forever!
Sawmill Wetland

Take action now using our form below!

Right now, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is in the process of transferring a 17-acre area in Central Ohio that contains 7.5 acres of natural forested wetlands to a private developer.

Wetlands are a vital part of our landscape. They:

  • slow flood waters, even in urban areas;
  • process stormwater, without any cost to taxpayers; and
  • provide a haven for wildlife and educational opportunities for students of all ages.

This wetland area, called the Sawmill Wetland Education Area, was part of a preservation agreement made by the State to preserve and protected in perpetuity. If the State transfers this wetland area to a private developer, then “in perpetuity” may become meaningless and other wetlands across Ohio are put at risk. 

Email ODNR right now. Tell them “protected in perpetuity” means FOREVER!

Ohio has already lost over 90% of our original wetlands and high-quality wetlands in urban areas like this are very rare.

With your help we can save this wetland and prevent this dangerous precedent!

ODNR and the developer are finalizing their agreement right now! So please take action now using our easy form!

You can also mail your own letter to:

Director Jim Zehringer
Ohio DNR
2045 Morse Road, Building D
Columbus OH 43229-6693


  • ODNR Director Zehringer


Don't destroy the Sawmill Wetland Education Area

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am concerned that the Sawmill Wetland Education Area is at risk of being destroyed if transferred to a private developer

I look forward to your reply.

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