Gov. Kasich: Don't Turn Your Back on Clean Energy

PUCO sidebarUntil last Wednesday, Ohio was poised to be the home of the largest solar power project east of the Rocky Mountains.

Until last Wednesday, AEP Ohio was all set to build this 49 megawatt project on 700 acres of old strip-mined land in the coal fields of Southeast Ohio.

Until last Wednesday, 25,000 homes were ready to be powered by this clean, green power plant.

Until last Wednesday, that is.

That’s when the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) abruptly pulled the plug on this promising project. It decided the project and all of its related jobs and investments just weren’t needed in Ohio. Now, all that clean energy and all those new jobs and investments are in jeopardy.

Stand up for a cleaner, more sustainable future for Ohio! Tell Governor Kasich and the PUCO to say YES to Ohio’s clean energy future.

In its January 9 ruling, which went against the recommendation of its own staff, the PUCO commissioners claimed there is no need for the project. The 600 Ohioans who were counting on this project for jobs would surely disagree with that assessment. As would the hundreds of thousands people who live downwind of Ohio’s old coal-burning power plants.

Don’t let Ohio turn its back on a chance for Ohio to jump-start a more sustainable future.

Tell Governor Kasich and the PUCO to reverse their decision and stand up for a cleaner energy and new jobs.

The Ohio Environmental Council is a strong supporter of the Turning Point project and we remain committed to its success. Please stand with us in support of this project and the promise of Ohio’s clean energy future.

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Don't Turn Your Back on Ohio's Clean Energy Future

Dear [Decision Maker],

I was shocked to see that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio recently rejected AEP Ohio's proposal to develop the Turning Point solar project. This decision is a step in the wrong direction for Ohio's economy and environment.

The Turning Point project was set to be built on 700 acres of reclaimed strip mine land in Noble County.

As you know, Southeast Ohio's economy has struggled to climb out of the recession. The unemployment rate in Noble county stands at 9.3%, among the highest in the state. Many of the surrounding counties are even worse off. Turning Point would be a step towards reversing that by creating over 100 local jobs during each of the three phases of the project.

Additionally, the project attracted more than $100 million of additional investment when the Spanish solar manufacturer Isofoton announced it was locating its North American manufacturing facility in Napoleon, largely because of the Turning Point project. All told, more than 600 jobs are in jeopardy because of this controversial decision.

The economic impact of this ruling is just the tip of the iceberg.

Unlike the scarred remnants of Ohio's coal dependency that litter Southeast Ohio, Turning Point would have no negative environmental impact. In fact, the project would reduce climate change-related pollution by 70,000 tons a year.

When you took office two years ago, you promised to make Ohio a more business friendly state.

You've gone out of your way to ensure businesses and the jobs they represent, stay in Ohio. I urge you to show the same passion and commitment to job creation when it comes to this project.

Ultimately, the success or failure of Turning Point will be a symbol of your vision of Ohio.

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