Tell Congress to Oppose the REINS Act!

URGENT! The House version of the REINS Act, H.R. 427, is scheduled for a floor vote between July 27 and July 31. Please take action today!

The REINS Act (H.R. 427 and S. 226) would force each new major regulation to go through a congressional approval process, subjecting it to political infighting, special interest influence, and legislative gridlock. If either house of Congress fails to approve the major rule in a narrow 70-day window, the rule will cease to exist.

We cannot let the REINS Act be enacted. The bill would delay and possibly undo critical safeguards that protect our civil rights, environment, food, children's toys, workplaces, health care, and economy. The bill would also further empower corporate lobbyists and their allies in Congress to ignore science and focus on politicking when it comes to the development of our public protections.

Please send an e-mail to your representative and your senators and urge them to oppose the REINS Act.

For more information on the REINS Act, please visit our blog.


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