CRACoRedemptorist-Association-Logo_2017update.jpgCo-Redemptorists are lay men and women who take an active role in helping to recruit and support young men who choose to pursue religious life as Redemptorist priests and brothers.

  • In the past 50 years, Co-Redemptorists have helped over 300 men become Redemptorist priests and brothers.
  • Co-Redemptorists close the gap between our costs for educating our seminarians and our resources from past gifts and savings.
  • We suggest that each Co-Redemptorist offer to cover the gap for one seminarian for one day each month. This gap is $15 a day for each seminarian in our program.
  • Co-Redemptorists are currently aiding 88 seminarians to become Redemptorists in three countries: USA, Brazil and Nigeria.

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All contributions are tax-deductible and non-refundable, and the donor acknowledges that the Redemptorists - Denver Province has complete discretion over the use of all donated funds. The Redemptorists - Denver Province are a registered 501(c)3, EIN 36-6051330