Monday of the Second Week in Lent

DN 9:4B-10, LK 6:36-38

Our loving Shepherd gave his life for us, his sheep. But he would not let even death sever himself from us. “Here I am, my sheep,” he says. “I have remained on earth in this sacrament to shepherd you through every day of your lives. Here you can run to me whenever you need help and a word of comfort. I will not leave you until time comes to an end, until your days on earth are done.”

One of the most fundamental tasks of a shepherd is to guide and protect his sheep. Is there anyone in your sphere of influence who needs guidance? Perhaps it is a younger family member, a friend, an elderly relative, someone who works with you, or a fellow church member. Use this day to respectfully offer guidance or assistance to someone who may benefit from your lived experience or words of wisdom.

Fr. Maurice J. Nutt

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