Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent

DT 4:1, 5-9, MT 5:17-19

In our first reading Moses presents to the people the laws and decrees that God has given them.  Observing the laws of God gives evidence of great wisdom and intelligence.  God did not create us to live just on our own.  He has revealed to us through his Word the basic principles of life.  If I want to fully utilize a smart phone, I have to read the directions or it will not function to its full capacity.  So God has given us his Word, the instruction book on life.  If we don’t listen to his Word, then we will not be able to function at full capacity either.  He created our human nature and knows fully what makes it work.

Jesus makes this point in our Gospel reading.  He did not come to abolish the laws given to us in the past, but to bring about their fulfillment.  He came to earth as God’s total gift of himself.  He proclaimed by the Cross that God is love.  So Jesus summed up the law by saying we must love God with our whole being and our neighbor as ourselves.  Love is the fulfillment of all God’s laws.  When I disregard God’s Word, I am being unloving to God, to myself and to others.  Do I begin each day with the words of Mary, “Be it done to me according to your Word”?

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