Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

WIS 2:12, 17-20, JAS 3:16-4:3, MK 9:30-37

There is a tendency in all of us to feel uncomfortable, not at ease, around people who seem to be holier and better than us. They embarrass us for our lower production and the lack of effort we put forth.  In the first reading the wicked find the just one obnoxious because he reproaches them for their wrong doings. They device a wicked test, saying that if the Lord is really with that person, God will defend him from their attacks.  That is why we pray in the Responsorial Psalm, “The Lord upholds my life.”    

James reminds us that jealousy and selfish ambition generate confusion and every foul practice.  He who seeks the wisdom that comes from above will be pure, peaceable, gentle, and full of mercy and good fruits.  All wars are born from the passions within hearts that do not let the Grace of God function.  

In today’s Gospel, Mark tells us that Jesus says He is to be killed for doing good.  We just cannot stand good people around us who shame us with their good example.  What mediocre or substandard conduct do you need to work on? 

Fr. Don Kirchner, CSsR.


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