Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

IS 65:17-21, JN 4:43-54

In our first reading Isaiah presents us with a vision of the Kingdom of God we are to experience forever.  New heavens and a new earth.  All evil and darkness have been purged and God’s people experience absolute fullness of life and happiness.

Jesus said that he came that we might experience a more abundant life.  He was speaking of here and now.  What opens me to life is to totally trust in Jesus to guide me and empower me through his Spirit.  I must make him the Lord of my life in all its circumstances.  Do I daily surrender my life to his Lordship?

In our Gospel we see the power of expectant faith.  Jesus leaves his native town because of their lack of faith.  He came to Cana in Galilee because they truly knew he would work miracles because of their faith.  The royal official believed in the word of Jesus and his son was cured.  God wants to work miracles in our lives too.  When we ask, do we really believe he will answer and give us all we need?

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