Feast of Saint Luke, evangelist

2 TM 4:10-17B, LK 10:1-9

In chapter 9 Luke tells us that Jesus sent out his twelve apostles to preach about the Kingdom of God and to heal people.   Imagine that you are one of the twelve and that you are now to go out to preach and to heal.   Preaching maybe, but healing?  What qualifications did they have for healing?  Well, they went anyway - and it worked.  People were preached to and they were healed.  Amazing. 

In today’s Gospel Luke tells us something that none of the other evangelists tell us. It seems that Jesus also sent out seventy-two disciples.  They are going out like “lambs among wolves” - not the way they (or we) would prefer to go out.  They are further instructed:  “eat what is set before you, heal the sick in that town, and say to the people there the Kingdom of God has come near you.”  Again there is this “healing” thing.  Jesus must think that we are capable of healing. 

I believe he is right.  Healing goes on every day.  I think of what happened in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago.  Amidst the carnage people rose up with courage to comfort and support and yes - to heal.  What we are called to heal may be massive, or it may be seemingly small like soothing the distress of a child.  As Nelson Mandela spoke in his inauguration speech it does not serve us well to play it small.  We are better than that.

Let us take Jesus at his word and bring healing wherever and whenever we can.

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