Tuesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

2 Peter 3/12-15a, 17-18; Mark 12/13-17


While we have little historical information about these early martyrs, they so impressed later Catholics that a pope had a basilica built upon the site of their graves. They truly believed in God’s promise of “new heavens and a new earth.” When all seemed lost during a time of persecution, they saw through the conflicting trees to the beautiful forest ahead of them. They practiced the Gift of Hope and were not disappointed or confounded.

Based upon St. Paul’s teaching about respecting civil authority, they believed, as we believe, that we should obey all just laws and authority when promoting the common good. “Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Yet there will be times to repay what belongs to God. Marcellinus and Peter were good citizens. They just followed a higher more code than Caesar as to what was most important in life.

Rev. Donnell Kirchner, C.Ss.R.




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