Saturday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

2 Sm 1:1-4, 11-12, 19, 23-27/Mk 3:20-21

Two young people fell in love, but the parents of the girl were not at all enthused about their relationship. “Stay away from my daughter,” the father of the girl warned the boy, “or you will pay dearly for your foolishness!” Both the girl and the boy lamented their miserable state of being kept apart. Finally, the boy decided he would stand on the street outside the girl’s home and throw pebbles at the window of the girl’s room. She then realized he was outside. He could not make noise, so he exaggerated the words “I-love-you” silently on his lips. Another neighbor saw him but could not see to whom he was talking.  She watched his exaggerated gestures for a while, and then concluded, “Poor boy. He must not be well.”

Sometimes insanity and love both seem the same. What we do out of love makes sense only to one who loves.
Light a candle to Mary:


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