Tuesday in Easter Week

Acts 2:36-41, Jn 20:11-18

Do you know the peace and security of the Good Shepherd who watches over his own? What can a shepherd teach us about God and our relationship with him? At the end of each day, the shepherd brought his sheep into the shelter. They knew the voice of their shepherd and came at his beckoning. The Scriptures describe God as a shepherd who brings security and peace to his people. Just as a shepherd kept watch over his sheep and protected them from danger, so Jesus stands to watch over his people as the Shepherd and Guardian of our souls. Do you know the peace and security of a life fully submitted to God? Do you look to Jesus the Good Shepherd, to receive the strength and courage you need to live and serve as his disciple? Lord Jesus, you always lead me in the way of true peace and safety. May I never doubt your care nor stray from your ways. Keep me safe in the shelter of your presence.

Brother Daniel Hall, C.Ss.R.


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