Feast of Saint Luke, evangelist

2 TM 4:10-17B, LK 10:1-9

St. Luke wrote the third Gospel. He wanted to tell the non-Jewish, “Greek” world all about Jesus. Most of what we know about our Blessed Mother comes from him. His is a message of a merciful Jesus. The Parable about the Prodigal Son is probably the best known of all. The Holy Spirit plays an important role in his writings, with the joy that He gives us. He remembers the poor and needy. He was a companion of St. Paul, so his Gospel reflects many Pauline insights. Author of two books of the New Testament, his Gospel tells us about the early life of Jesus while the Acts of the Apostles is the account of how Jesus lives on in the Church. His message is one of universal salvation: Jesus came to save all peoples and races. Today’s Responsorial Psalm could sum up his life: “Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom.” One way to celebrate his feast day could be to read Chapter 15 of his Gospel.

Fr. Don Kirchner, C.Ss.R.


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