Memorial of Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

1 SM 16:1-1, MK 2:23-28

A mother was having great difficulty keeping her three boys clothed, they grew so quickly. It seemed that she would scarcely buy some new shirt or new trousers for one of her boys, when he outgrew it in six months. “I’m going broke and spending so much of my time trying to keep them clothed,” she complained to a friend.

“Well, at least you have three boys, so that you can pass the clothing on from the oldest, through use for the middle boy and on until the youngest,” reasoned the friend.

“You mean have each boy wear the same clothes?” asked the mother incredulously. “I always buy them new clothes. As soon as I saw the clothes did not fit my oldest boy, I would throw them away!”

Perhaps if we do not understand something we are taught, it is because we have not grown enough yet to understand it.

Fr. Gary Lauenstein, C.Ss.R.


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