Memorial of Saint Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church

JGS 6:11-24A, MT 19:23-30

Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, is our instructor. He’s the only teacher we need as we join to make God’s vision of love, compassion, peace, and unity a reality. He’s the only teacher we need to deepen our faith in our own goodness and in the goodness of all God’s children.

Jesus, our teacher, shows us how to love one another by serving others’ needs. He teaches us to touch others’ lives with healing, compassion, and comfort. He teaches us to answer when someone calls for help. He teaches us to make room in our homes and hearts for people who aren’t welcome elsewhere. He teaches us to forgive people who hurt us.

Jesus, our teacher, shows us how to be in relationship with God by going to a quiet place to pray. He teaches us to call God our Father. He teaches us to confide our fears and worries to God. He teaches us to retreat from the busyness of life to be refreshed by intimate moments with God. He teaches us to call out to God when we’re suffering and in pain. He teaches us to seek the will of God and carry it out to the best of our ability. He teaches us to have faith in God’s love and care for us.

Jesus, our teacher, shows us how to deepen our likeness to God’s goodness and love by living simply without being attached to material possessions. He teaches us to walk humbly, to love deeply, and to serve God in whatever way God calls us.

Rev. Warren J. Savage & Mary Ann McSweeny


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