Friday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

EZ 16: 1-15, 60, 63; Psalm Isaiah 12; Matthew 19: 3-12

Ezekiel uses vivid imagery to describe God’s love for us.  The image of a forgotten child, thrown out like garbage ignites our passion and causes us to listen to God’s word.  Who is he describing:  me, you, us?   When God chooses us, he lavishes us with love.  When we turn away and sin he remembers his love and swears to continue loving us.  Ezekiel says that this great love will heighten our sense of shame when we face our wrongdoing and see how God responds.

Can God call you and me to follow such great love?  Are we able to do a fraction of what God does for us?

Fr. John Schmidt, CSsR
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