Second Sunday of Easter

ACTS 2:42-47, 1 PT 1:3-9, JN 20:19-31

The city of Chicago has many famous tourist attractions, but what has become the most famous attraction is probably the polished aluminum “Cloud Gate” sculpture.  Most people refer to it by its nickname: the Bean, due to its shape.  Every year, millions of visitors come to Chicago, and they all want to touch the Bean and take a picture of their reflection in it because it is a symbol of Chicago.  The visitors often use the pictures as proof that they had indeed come to Chicago.

In our lives, when we do or say anything, we may turn out to be the proof of something so that people come to believe what we say or do is true.  In the Gospel today, for example, we see that Thomas does not believe what the apostles tell him: “We have seen the Lord.”  But Thomas insists he has to put his hand and fingers into the nail marks before he will believe.

We often say Thomas is the doubting Thomas, but if we put ourselves in place of Thomas, would we have believed them, just on their word?  Wouldn’t we want some evidence?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ invites us to have trust in him and his Apostles.  Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”  Jesus Christ invites us to return to our faith, a faith that must be nourished by and with the community and people around us.  As Thomas returned to the apostles, he saw and believed.  Let us all believe that Jesus Christ is raised from the dead and resurrected.
Light a candle to Mary:

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