Monday of the Second Week of Advent

IS 35:1-10, LK 5:17-26

The reaction of the scribes and Pharisees to Jesus’ act of mercy and healing belied their authority and position.  His very presence was seen as a threat. We must not judge them too harshly, though.   For we too, are often held captive by resentments, grudges, jealousy, anger, addiction, etc.  These things serve only to hinder us from living life as God desires us to.  Sin causes us to become blind, deaf, lame and mute spiritually and emotionally.  Today’s scripture reminds us that God will liberate us from all that enslaves us.  He will right all wrongs, bringing true healing and freedom in the process.  Isaiah’s prophecy now becomes reality.  Jesus came into the world so that we might have life.  He alone removes the fetters that bind us.  While we may at times experience the healing of physical ailments, the true miracle comes in the reconciliation and mercy the Lord offers in healing our sins.  Emmanuel comes to loose our tongues that we may speak words of love and forgiveness; he comes to unstop our ears that we may hear the voices of those in need; he comes to restore our sight that we may see his face in each person we meet; he comes to give movement to stiff limbs that we might go forth to proclaim the good news.  Come, Lord Jesus!
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