Memorial of Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

HEB 5:1-10, MK 2:18-22

A good gardener knows that she must cut back certain kinds of clinging vines. Depending upon the type, she will cut them back to about five inches off the ground in late winter or early spring. All the growth these plants have achieved, all the tendrils they have put forth, now must be chopped away. Far from stymying the plant, however, it will produce more flowers and grow with more zest. On the other hand, to never cut the plant and rid it of its superfluous growth will mean less flowers until only a few show at the stem of the plant. 

Religion pure and undefiled has to do with love of God and neighbor. Human customs and traditions occasionally must be cut back so that what is genuinely from God may show through. This is what Jesus has done for us in giving us his teaching.

Fr. Gary Lauenstein


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