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The Ideals and Purposes of the League of St. Gerard

  1. To encourage the members to live with the mind, heart and spirit of Christ every day, making use of God’s help, always available through prayer and in the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
  2. To promote and participate in the prayer community, especially through the League of St. Gerard eNewsletter, Website and Facebook page, praying especially for all the intentions expressed (mothers, mothers-to-be, those longing to conceive, etc.)
  3. To pray frequently for St. Gerard’s intercession, especially during pregnancy, but for all people in times of trouble.
  4. To share confidence in St. Gerard with others, especially those urgently needing his assistance.
  5. To help every human being grow in God’s love, remembering the final destiny of each person – the fullness of life with God for all eternity.
  6. To seek knowledge of God’s holy and loving will with respect to the generation of human life, accepting the teachings of the Catholic Church as expressions of God’s will and love.
  7. To unite with the Church in asking God to grant us all a profound love and respect for all life, not only for this generation but for the fulfillment of all human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, beliefs, political affiliation or social standing.
  8. To support the Church and all other groups or movements that promote human life and to seek ways to eliminate all immoral practices or procedures that terminate human life prematurely, unjustly or unnecessarily (war, murder, capital punishment, genocide, abortion, euthanasia, etc.)

Enrollment for the League of St. Gerard

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